How To Sanitize Airpods (Incl. Helpful Tips)

How To Sanitize Airpods

How To Sanitize Airpods (Incl. Helpful Tips)

Airpods are becoming one of the most used accessories every day.

Airpods are the product of Apple’s innovation in music technology.

As these Bluetooth earphones hit the market, the demand has skyrocketed.

People get excited around these Apple devices.

However, how many keep their Airpods clean?

If you own a pair of Airpods, it’s best to sanitize it regularly.

When you wear something so frequently, dirt builds up fast.

Imagine listening to your songs while ear wax blocks the fine spaces of the device.

You wouldn’t want to put unsanitary and unhygienic things to your ear.

On the other hand, you need to be careful in cleaning Airpods.

One wrong method can destroy these earpieces. Good news!

You don’t need to compromise on the sanitation of your Airpods.

Learn how to sanitize Airpods so you can listen to your tunes safely and cleanly.

Airpods products

Before you start crafting a cleaning routine, know the different devices first.

Apple has released its Airpods product over the years.


Airpods are wireless earphones that use Bluetooth to connect to devices.

Imagine your standard earphones without wires.

Airpods Pro

Airpods Pro is a redefined Airpods device with a customizable fit from additional silicone tips.

Anybody can have a relaxing time with the Pro from the various tip sizes available.

Airpods Pro Max

Airpods Pros Max is the headphones version of the Airpods line.

Instead of having wired earphones, the Max works on wireless technology for seamless audio experience.

Cleaning products for Airpods

There are many available options to clean Airpods.

Most of these products are available in your home.

There’s no need to worry about spending a lot on cleaning.

All you need to do is set a time for Airpods cleaning.

Airpods cleaning kit

Most of these devices are sensitive to liquids.

Overusing liquid disinfectants can destroy the audio quality of the Airpods.

There are many Airpods cleaning kits to clean the narrow crevices of the Airpods.

Alcohol solution

If you want a simpler and faster solution, you can always use an alcohol solution.

Ethyl alcohol solutions, isopropyl can provide as much cleaning to wireless devices.

If you want to sanitize the surfaces of the Airpods, alcohol solutions are effective.

Dry cloth and cotton swabs

Sometimes, dry cloths and cotton swabs improve cleaning Airpods.

With these items, you can quickly dry and pry away dirt from Airpods products.

Be sure that the fabric is free from lint, so there are no build-ups in the Airpods mesh.

How to clean Airpod Pro bud

1. Remove the buds or ear tips from the Airpod Pro.

2. Run the buds under the water to clear out any dirt. If you’ve never removed the tips, expect some accumulation of dirt.

TIP: Don’t use any other household product to clean the buds of the Airpods Pro.

3. Dry the buds with a lint-free cloth. Ensure that the buds are completely dry before reattaching. It would be best to leave it out for further dry after wiping.

How to clean Airpods microphone

1. Remove the Airpods from the case and inspect the microphone. The microphone is on the bottom of the device.

2. Using a dry cotton swab or a cotton bud, clear the microphone of any dirt.

3. For stubborn dirt, use a soft-bristled brush. Gently pry the microphone until all dirt falls from the mesh.

TIP: Be gentle in prying the microphone mesh. The goal is to prevent the dirt from further going inside the device.

How to clean Airpods ear wax

1. Remove the Airpods from the case and inspect the Airpods mesh. There may be a lot of ear wax build-up on the mesh.

2. Dampen a lint-free cloth lightly. After putting the cloth under running water, squeeze it well.

3. Wipe the Airpods mesh with the damp cloth. The damp cloth should soften the ear wax before you can pry it out of the Airpods.

4. Using a cotton bud, remove the ear wax from the mesh. Ensure that you take out all of the dirt before moving to the next Airpod.

TIP: For stubborn ear wax, use a sharp edge device like a soft-bristle brush. Remove the dirt GENTLY and CAUTIOUSLY.

5. Wipe the other surfaces with a cleaning solution or alcohol solution. Cleaning kits also have gentle cleaning solutions for surface sanitation. Use a dry cloth to wipe the surfaces.

6. Leave the Airpods to dry first before returning to the case. DON’T USE THE DEVICE UNLESS THEY’RE COMPLETELY DRY.


Buying phone accessories is one thing.

Keeping these accessories clean and safe for use is another thing.

Cleaning maintenance doesn’t only include all parts of your home.

Without a doubt, bathrooms and bedrooms need regular cleaning.

What use is a clean home if owners often forget to include things as well?

Your items also benefit from the regular cleaning sessions you do.

Start your cleaning routine small with objects inside your home.

Begin with your personal belongings like mobile phones and audio devices.

Never forget effective ways how to sanitize Airpods.

You can clean the Airpods properly without resulting in damage and issues.

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