How To Clean Black Marks On Airpods Case

How To Clean Black Marks On Airpods Case

How To Clean Black Marks On Airpods Case

People who make use of their Apple Airpods oftentimes start noticing stains on them. This is especially if you take them everywhere.

These stains include some black marks, smudges, lines, and more on the airpods case. These can be caused by the pigment transfer from the material in contact with the airpods case.

Moreover, these materials can be your jean pocket, backpack pocket, and more.

Yet, these stains can be removed from the airpoods case. How to get black marks off of airpods case? You’re in luck.

Today we’re going to look into how to clean airpods case stain. Furthermore, we’ll also include how to clean airpods case inside. Read on!

How to Remove Black Marks

If you have black marks on airpods case,  you don’t have to worry. There is a simple way to remove them. All you need is an eraser.

Here, you just utilize a regular erase to clean the black marks off. Just erase off the marks on the airpods case.

If you want to ensure the best results, pick a particular commercial eraser. An eraser that can remove glossy finishes on the case can be bad, however.

How to Remove Pen Ink

Veering away from the black marks on airpods case, we also have the pen ink. Accidents like this can happen, and so you can also use a regular eraser. Simple and easy, right?

Can Acetone Be Used?

Acetone is great at cleaning other substances off things, but not your airpods case. Acetone is a substance that can melt the plastic.

Hence, it can remove the glossy finish or polish off your case. Furthermore, you cannot use a nail polish remover as well.

How to Remove Black Dots

If there are black dots on your aipods case, a DIY solution may be impossible. These two symmetrical black spots cannot be removed at all.

Hence, it can only be solved by replacing the case itself.

How to Prevent Dirt on Airpods Case

There might be instances of airpods pro case scratches. Others also report cases on airpods stained yellow.

Yet, while the case is relatively easy to clean, these scratches might not come off. Before putting your AirPods in your jeans, you should place them in a  tiny pocket first. It should fit right with your AirPods and it will separate it from the other items.

Moreover, you will be assured to know where to look for them at all times.

Maintaining Your AirPods

AirPods are expensive. Moreover, their case is likewise important to them. Losing the other would render the other useless.

However, they might come in contact with dust, wax, and dirt while in use. Thus, making them look ragged and worn in terms of appearance. This is why it is important that you clean and maintain them at all times.

Bad things can occur if you delay this activity. In addition to looking grimy, the dirt can also affect its performance.

In other words, maintaining the cleanliness of the AirPods means maintaining its quality. You should also keep its charging case clean.

This is to make sure that the technology remains working. As it is an expensive item, it is only good to keep them without losing them. Maintaining them means increasing their life expectancy as well.

How to Clean Your AirPods

It is only natural for AirPods and other Bluetooth accessories to get dirty. Even if you clean your ears every day, it can still produce wax.

Thus, it can also come into contact with your pods. However, they cannot be washed easily. There is a correct way to clean them. Remember that cleaning them incorrectly may bring more harm than good.

Hence, it is best to follow the instructions below:

First, utilize a microfiber cloth. This will remove any build-u that has been visible. This will also remove the wax that is found in its outer covering.

Next, simply remove the earwax that has built up. Do this before it proceeds to push through the mesh.  You can also use a clean toothpick to clear them off. Repeat this process frequently if the wax is wet or sticky.

To ensure cleanliness, use a bit of rubbing alcohol. Rub them on the exterior of the AirPods but remember to avoid moisture. You can also make use of the cleaning wipes for your eyeglass.

They do not have excessive alcohol that might cause damage to the elements.

Lastly, to make sure you do not damage the pods, do the following:

Do not use hand sanitizer gels, water, and sprays. They can add too much moisture, which can damage the AirPods permanently.

Moreover, you should not use the AirPods immediately after showering or swimming. It can leave moisture in your ears which can damage the pods.

Find more useful guides and how to’s on, your everyday cleaning guide.

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