How To Clean Windows

Windows Cleaning Tips

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How To Clean Windows

Windows often contribute lighting and protection from the outdoors.

However, they are one of the many barriers to any infrastructure and outer spaces.

As a result, windows build up dirt from grime, smudges, and unwanted streaks.

There are many ways to keep a window spotless.

You don’t need to suffer from dirty windows.

Plenty of methods bring back the flawless condition of the glass.

Everybody deserves crystal clear windows.

There are affordable ways to clean the window properly.

It all boils down to technique and the products you use.

There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive products.

Sometimes, even an abundance of water does the trick on light dirt.

Let the following methods provide you options on how to clean windows effectively and affordably.

Regular windows with light dirt

All windows start the same.

You buy window parts and hire proper installation services.

Excellent installation services guarantee that your windows will last.

However, it doesn’t assure that the windows will be clean all the time.

Check on the state of the windows for regular inspection and routine cleaning.

At best, the windows will harbor light dirt from outside.

Most of the time, it’s not the case.

Typical weather conditions can bring about the dirt that builds up over time.

Particles end up sticking on the glass and the frame.

Don’t worry! Household items can help you get a spotless glass with little time.

Gather some newspapers and vinegar.

These are steps on how to clean windows with vinegar and newspaper.

  1. Get the vinegar from your kitchen and some warm water.
  2. Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar to form a mild cleaning solution. If you need stronger solutions, add small drops of vinegar carefully.
  3. Apply the solution to the window glass.
  4. Using the newspaper, wipe down the glass. You can try different motions, i.e., circular, up-down, left-right, to clear the solution.
  5. Leave the windows to dry out or by the sun.

High windows

There are many places inside the residence where you can install a window.

Unfortunately, sometimes, you have an untouched window in a high place.

Because of its position, it’s difficult to clean the window without risks in the way.

You wouldn’t want to lessen expenses in cleaning windows but spend big on emergencies.

It’s best to prepare and get the necessary protective gear before embarking on the job.

There are many approaches on how to clean outside windows you can’t reach.

It’s risky enough to climb up roofs and ceilings on a property.

Avoid staying up on ladders and make use of extendable squeegees that reach high stories.

Use cleaning products like Windex instead.

There are many solutions available in the market suitable for making the windows sparkle.

Follow these steps on how to clean windows with Windex.

  1. Prepare the squeegee and strip washer. Clean it thoroughly before use.
  2. Prepare a window cleaning solution like Windex inside a bucket or pail. Soak the strip washer for a few minutes and attach it to the extendable pole.
  3. Slide the strip washer on the high window in an up and down motion. Cover all the parts of the windows.
  4. Leave the windows for 10 minutes. Afterward, switch the strip washer with the squeegee and glide down the solution.
  5. Leave the windows to dry.

Filthy windows with stubborn dirt

You can’t avoid having stubborn dirt streaking the window glass.

One of the challenges in window cleaning is a stain that doesn’t want to leave.

However, like all dirt, there are many ways to deal with filthy windows.

You only need to set aside some time to apply cleaning methods properly.

After a while, a window riddled with hard dirt and stain marks will be spotless.

Take note; never use too much force when learning how to clean really dirty windows.

Many tools that you can use to take out dirt leave scratches.

Under the sunlight, the window may show all the scratches and tiny surface dents.

It’s best to avoid devices that give damage to the glass.

It takes patience to bring back the window in its pristine condition.

You will need more tries to make the glass sparkle.

  1. Prepare a solution of warm water and liquid soap. It’s best to use dishwashing liquid for grimy windows.
  2. Using a clean towel or cloth, wash down on the window’s first cleaning. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until all the dirt is gone.
  3. For stubborn grimes, carefully pry them away using a brush and some light scrub off.
  4. Prepare a Windex solution or a vinegar-water solution. Wash down the glass with the solution.
  5. Use some newspaper to soak and wipe away the window glass.


Get that sparkling window in no time!

It’s unnecessary to spend big to get your clean windows back.

Different methods are available on how to clean windows using everyday household products.

Start scouting your kitchen and cleaning tools now.