Great Tips How To Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach

How To Clean Outside Windows You Can't Reach

Great Tips How To Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach

Windows are essential to the home.

They provide good ventilation and natural lighting.

As part of home maintenance, it is also recommended that they are cleaned.

They should be taken a look at every once in a while.

Not doing so would mean dirt buildup as well as dust.

The dust that has built up over time can result in bad air quality and diseases.

This is especially harmful to people with allergies.

However, there might be windows that we cannot reach, especially outside.

Yet, that does not mean that they cannot be cleaned.

There are various methods on how to clean outside windows from inside.

If you have a two-story house, there is also how to clean windows on second floor.

You do not need to find yourself in a dilemma, as we got your back.

There is the best window cleaner for hard to reach windows too.

Moreover, a solution on how to clean second story windows with screens is also possible.

With that, this article will teach you how to clean outside windows you can’t reach.

This is so you can have a clean home exterior as well as good lighting.

As such, read on for the cleanliness of your home.

How to Clean High Windows

There is a way on how to clean outside windows you can’t reach.

In fact, there are two methods. First, we have cleaning outside without a ladder, and with a ladder.

For the first method, you need to exercise safety.

While not using a ladder is possible, it can be quite dangerous.

You have to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Then, proceed to cleaning the windows using a hose and a squeegee.

To do this, you need to gather your equipment first.

You will have to use a garden hose that has a stream sprayer attached to it.

You also need a cleaning detergent and a bucket of water.

Furthermore, an extension pole and a brush, and a squeegee should be attached together.

After gathering your materials, spray the windows down by means of the hose.

Simply add some drops of your cleaning solution to the water.

Then, dip the brush and the sponge into this.

Utilizing the extension pole, the window must be scrubbed by the brush.

Make sure to start at the top then work your way downward.

Next, all you have to do is to rinse the windows.

To do this, simply attach the squeegee to the extension pole.

Then, pull the squeegee across the surface of the window to eliminate excess water.

This will create a certain polished look.

For the second method with a ladder, you can disregard the extension pole.

All you need is a ladder and some safety equipment.

To start, you will need to gather the tools that you need to have the windows cleaned.

It could be some paper towels and a spray bottle or bucket.

You will also need a cleaning solution, a squeegee, and safety gear.

Of course, don’t forget your ladder.

Then, position the ladder in a secure way.

Make sure that the harnessing safety gear is also hooked up.

If you have someone around, have them hold the ladder’s base to secure it.

After that, simply clean the high-up windows like how you clean normal ones.

Apply the cleaning solution and then make use of the paper towels.

Together with the squeegee, wipe and dry the windows.

For extra precaution, you should not clean a high window without another person.

This will ensure that you can easily be assisted should accidents happen.

Moreover, if you do not have the equipment mentioned, there is an alternative.

A ladder might be too uncomfortable for you.

Hence, a professional window cleaner can be reached out.

How to Clean High Apartment Windows

If you live in an apartment, it might be difficult for you to clean your windows.

Ladders simply will not work, as opposed to home windows.

Hence, high-rise apartment buildings require another method for cleaning windows.

You can purchase a U-shaped pole that is telescopic for cleaning.

This is made in a way that is specific to aid the residents in keeping their windows clean.

Simply take the pole and attach a sponge or a squeegee at the end.

Then, clean the windows outside your apartment with no problem.

This can be done too while you are inside!

Tips in Keeping Your Windows Clean

Making a regular cleaning routine for your windows is a must.

That is if you want to keep the exterior windows clean.

Regular cleaning for your windows can go a long way.

Hence, home maintenance should always include this activity.

Moreover, screen cleaning should also be kept in mind regularly.

This will keep the windows clean, bright, and functional.

Find more useful guides and how to’s on, your everyday cleaning guide.

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