How To Clean A Bathroom

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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How To Clean A Bathroom

Bathrooms can become difficult to clean without proper planning.

The corners and inaccessible areas make it challenging to get complete sanitation.

Fine spaces and angled seams need focus.

Toilets can become disgusting to deal with because of dirt build-up.

Many homeowners tend to forget the ceiling of the bathroom.

Before you embark on your bathroom cleaning journey, it’s best to prepare first.

There is a general bathroom clean that involves a regular level of cleaning.

Taking out the trash and arranging things inside won’t take all the microbes.

It would be best if you took into consideration sanitation and disinfection of the space.

Nevertheless, no matter how difficult bathroom cleaning is, there’s no better way than to start.

Begin learning how to clean bathroom so you’ll clean space all the time.

Organizing the things

It’s important to note that you should start simple when cleaning your bathroom.

Do the easiest task first, so you get something out of the way.

Keep the bathroom space as clear as possible.

Remove things you can remove so they don’t get in the way.

More challenging bathroom cleaning tasks tend to take time and space.

Moreover, you need to cover all surfaces as much as possible. Learning how to clean a disgusting bathroom begins with the basics.

  • Collect trash from all over the bathroom, i.e., empty tissue rolls, empty toiletry containers, and used paper towels
  • Remove covers like the shower curtain, window curtain
  • Bring out stored toiletries and personal accessories
  • Collect items due for laundry, i.e., rags, cloth towels

Dusting off the bathroom

After you clear out things inside, it’s time to deal with visible particles.

Ensure that the bathroom space is ventilated.

You need a dry bathroom first to get as much fine dirt as possible.

The floor of your bathroom probably looks a bit dusty right now.

Get your broom and start sweeping away the floor.

Take away large particles that can pose issues when you disinfect the surfaces.

If you have a vacuum cleaner, it’s best to use it in more narrow areas inside.

  • Sweep the floor of the bathroom
  • Vacuum fine corners to collect dust that brooms can get
  • Dust off areas that may have dirt, i.e., cupboard tops, unused cabinet spaces, below sink spaces
  • Dust off window panes and window glass if necessary

Cleaning the surfaces

Due to loose dirt and frequent foot traffic, the floor will look muddy.

The mirror may have a lot of splash marks from water and other liquids.

The shower glass may have hard watermarks.

Clean the surfaces by using a cleaning solution.

There are many available options in the market.

Though there are specific products, you can use a multipurpose cleaner for clearing gunk and hard dirt.

  • Apply the solution to surfaces, i.e., taps, faucets, sinks,
  • Use a squeegee to give glass fixtures a streakless clean
  • Mop the floor with the solution for the initial cleaning of the floor
  • Wipe off with wet wipes storage places, i.e., cabinet, racks

Disinfecting surfaces

There are many places and areas inside the shower that need a deep cleaning.

Tile grout and caulks require more work since they have narrow spacing.

Water stains that have been there for a long time won’t go away with a quick wipe down.

Imagine if you have clean tiles, but the fine spaces are breeding molds.

You can use more focused products for appropriate spaces in the bathroom.

There are many areas where pathogens may be growing and thriving due to moisture.

  • Applying mold prevention spray for the ceiling
  • Brushing mold and mildew remover on the grout and caulk
  • Wiping down the shower glass with glass cleaner
  • Bleaching the floor for disinfection

Bathroom cleaning tips and tricks

A complete bathroom cleaning sounds like a big job.

However, there are many ways to make cleaning effective.

You don’t need to tire out fast with the help of tools and products.

The techniques and methods will come to you over time.

Here are some bathroom cleaning tips and tricks on how to clean bathroom efficiently.

  • You can formulate your cleaning solution. For example, mixing vinegar, water, and some soap is a popular natural cleaner.
  • Squeegees, brush, spare toothbrush, and mop should be basic staples in your bathroom. Use it well for all areas of the bathroom.
  • Always have a spare microfiber cloth and clean rags for faster wiping.
  • Never forget to protect yourself! Wear gloves, eye goggles, and protective overalls to keep yourself safe; most products have a degree of irritation upon prolonged exposure. Therefore, the risk of irritation is high when you use them in the shower.


There are many ways to clean the bathroom by yourself.

Deep cleaning the bathroom guarantees that you have a clean space without the threats of microbes.

With enough time and effort, you’ll know how to clean a bathroom professionally over time.

Keep the process simple by starting with the easiest things.

Then, move into more complex tasks that involve other tools and products.

This way, there are no distractions and obstructions while you clean.