How To Clean Bathroom Sink Drain (Explained!)

How to clean bathroom sink drain

How To Clean Bathroom Sink Drain (Explained!)

Nobody is a stranger to clogging drains and full sinks.

They drain water slowly and take a lot of time for the sink to be usable again.

The smell of build-up grime in the tubes reeks of foul odor.

You can barely use the sink properly with a stuck-up drain.

For some of these reasons alone, it’s essential to clean the drain.

You need to schedule regular cleaning of the drain.

Unless you want a congested and dirty drain, apply correct cleaning of the drain.

There are effective ways that help with decongesting the sink.

Knowing how to clean bathroom sink drain doesn’t need to be complicated.

As long as you do it regularly, you don’t have grime build-up inside.

Do a few steps and guarantee a free-flowing sink all the time!

Cleaning the sink parts

The sink isn’t only limited to the small tub you see underneath the bathroom mirror.

Many parts make up the entire sink.

Since its primary function is to drain used water, it brings dirt along the way.

It’s normal to find hair, small plastics, and wet gunk in other parts.

Accumulating dirt and lack of regular cleaning will bring more sink issues over time.

When you clean one part of the sink, it’s best to clean all other parts as well.

How to clean bathroom sink plug hole

Plug holes are the blocks in the sink.

It’s the barrier with many holes or partitions slowing down the water drain in the sink.

So when there’s a build-up in the plughole, the water flows slower than usual.

  1. Prepare the cleaning solution for the plug hole. You can use a homemade vinegar-water solution or a commercial multi-purpose cleaner.
  2. Wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands.
  3. Start by pulling out anything stuck on the plug hole. For example, there may be some strands of hair and some dirt. For additional help, use tweezers to pull out anything stuck on the underside of the plughole.
  4. Use a small brush and scrub the plug hole until it’s clean of any wet dirt.
  5. Wash with clean water to clear the solution and other dirt.

How to clean bathroom sink drain stopper

The drain stopper is the cover of the plughole.

The function of the drain stopper is to cease the flow of liquids through the plughole.

Various types of drain stoppers help keep the water in the sink.

If you need some water in the sink, seal the plughole with a stopper.

  1. Take out the drain stopper from its position. Twist the stopper from its holding bolt. For others, use a plier to pry open the drain stopper.
  2. Get the cleaning solution you will use to clean the drain stopper.
  3. Use a toothbrush to scrub around and through the stopper. Make sure not to leave any grime and hair from the stopper.
  4. Wash the stopper with clean water to rinse everything.
  5. Return it on top of the plughole.

How to clean sink drain pipe

The drain pipes are the tubes below the plug hole and drainer. It’s the passageway of the sink to drain the water. A foul odor can come from the sink drain pipe. Many gunks also get stuck along the passage. Sink clogs often happen when the drain pipe is suffering from congestion. Therefore, it’s essential to clean this pipe at least once a month.

  1. Prepare boiling water and mix with liquid dish soap. This solution goes through the sink drain pipes.
  2. Pour the solution into the sink. Note that for plastic drain pipes, wait for the solution to cool down a little. Hot liquids may damage the drain pipes and result in a mess inside the bathroom.
  3. Wash down the drain with the tap water.
  4. Repeat the process until the tap water drains faster.
  5. To aid in clearing the drains, use a plumber snake or plunger. These tools help dislodge anything stuck inside the drain pipe.

How to clean bathroom sink drain trap

A sink trap stops sewer odor from coming through the sink. The drain trap is S or U in shape just right below the drain pipe.  The drain trap leaves little water that serves as the barrier to sewer gases. Over time, a lot of dirt and foreign objects build up in the drain trap. It’s necessary to clean the drain trap to eliminate blocks that can lessen stored water.

  1. Place a bucket underneath the drain trap. It’s under the sink. However, in some homes, inside the cabinet or a metal box underneath the sink.
  2. Loosen the joints of the drain trap by using a wrench or proper tools. Then, remove the drain trap carefully.
  3. Pour the cleaning solution through the drain trap. Use a toothbrush or brush to go through the drain trap.
  4. Repeat the scrubbing until all the dirt and hair are out. Finally, wash the drain trap with running water from another sink!
  5. Make sure to clear out the drain trap before reattaching it to the drain pipe.


Many parts make up the drainage of the sink.

Learn how to clean the bathroom sink drain so you have free-flowing sinks.

Annual cleaning of sink drain parts can help prolong pristine sink conditions.

However, if you want cleaner and odorless sinks, schedule a monthly cleaning.

Find more useful guides and how to’s on, your everyday cleaning guide.

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