How To Clean Bathroom Mold (You Should Try This)

How to clean bathroom mold

How To Clean Bathroom Mold (You Should Try This)

Molds are always an unsightly site inside the bathroom.

There’s nothing more disruptive to bathroom aesthetics and safety than molds and microbes.

It’s natural for molds to thrive in wet environments.

You can’t expect your bathroom to be completely safe from molds.

Clean the bathroom regularly and apply preventive measures against mold growth.

Guarantee yourself a mold-free bathroom with a regular cleaning routine.

Good products work in eliminating molds. However, it’s best to maximize your safeguard against mold.

You can begin by leaving the bathroom open for ventilation.

Proper ventilation leads to a faster drying time.

Next, regularly change towels in the shower.

Leaving wet towels accumulates moisture and holds water in its holding or position in the bathroom.

There are plenty of ways on how to clean bathroom mold.

Keep your bathroom sanitary and clean against molds.

Dangers of mold inside the bathroom

In reality, molds seem harmless.

The only visible downside of molds is they make spaces dirty.

However, there’s more to molds than the annoyance they give to an otherwise pleasing bathroom experience.

It’s important to apply effective cleaning on how to get rid of mold in the shower.

Effective methods slow down the build-up of mold.

You don’t need to deal with molds every week with proper cleaning ways.

Lessen the dangers that molds bring to you in the shower.

  • Causes irritation on contact
  • Triggers allergic reactions, i.e., sneezing, rashes, red eyes
  • Worsens existing respiratory condition, e.g., pulmonary disorders, asthma
  • Some breeds of mold produce toxins
  • It gives out a strong odor in the bathroom

Natural remedies for shower mold

The good news is this: you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get rid of molds.

There are natural cleaning agents that help against mold.

The first step is to go to your kitchen and pantry to scout for reagents.

Next, gather ingredients that have effective cleaning properties.

Some examples are vinegar, baking soda, and citrus fruits.

These items have enough power to take some mold colonies out of their roots.

Steps to clean bathroom mold

Different parts of the bathroom mean you need time.

If you want to clean off mold in the bathroom, dedicate some hours to the bathroom.

It takes time for some cleaning products to take effect.

Washing and rinsing the cleaning solutions immediately takes away the cleaning property against molds.

Unfortunately, you’ll end up with a shower that still becomes a breeding ground for molds.

How to remove mold from bathroom ceiling

  1. Keep the bathroom very dry before you start cleaning.
  2. Prepare the cleaning product in a spray bottle. For a natural cleaning solution: mix equal parts of warm water, vinegar, and add some drops of dish soap.
  3. Get a clean ceiling mop, bucket, and sturdy chair.
  4. Carefully step on the chair and spray some cleaning solution on the ceiling. Spread using ceiling mop.
  5. Leave the ceiling alone for a while. 30 minutes to 1 hour is enough time for the solution to take effect.
  6. Rinse off the area with clean water using a clean ceiling mop.
  7. Leave the ceiling to dry via ventilation or opening the windows.
  8. Repeat the steps if some spots still exhibit some mold.

How to clean mold off walls in bathroom

  1. Dry the bathroom wall before you begin the cleaning process. Prepare the bathroom by putting away things inside the drawers or outside.
  2. Form your cleaning solution with white vinegar and warm water inside a spray bottle. Mix both liquids in equal parts and add some dish soap for the lathering property.
  3. Spray the cleaning solution on the walls.
  4. Get a brush or sponge. Carefully scrub the walls of the bathroom with the cleaning solution. Make sure to focus on spots or areas with signs of mold.
  5. Leave the bathroom for half an hour to 1 hour.
  6. Rinse the cleaning solution from the wall.
  7. Leave the walls to dry. If you want the bathroom walls to dry faster, use a fan. You may also opt to open the windows.
  8. Repeat the steps if there are still dirty or moldy patches on the walls.

How to remove mold from tile grout

  1. Get baking soda and lemon from your stock.
  2. Create a paste using baking soda and water. Put three parts of baking soda per one part of water.
  3. Apply the paste on the tile grout and leave it alone for half an hour.
  4. Prepare the lemon juice solution in a spray bottle. Squeeze lemons and add some water if the juice is too strong.
  5. After 30 minutes, spray the lemon juice solution on the tile grout.
  6. Brush the tile grout using a toothbrush or a brush. Brush thoroughly until you scrape at the lowest part of the tile.
  7. Rinse the tile grout with water and leave to dry well afterward.
  8. Repeat the steps for some missing spots or dirty patches on the grout.


Don’t wait until visible patches of mold are already in the bathroom.

You are putting family members and guests at risk with the presence of mold.

Don’t miss any spot when you start on how to clean bathroom mold.

Even the smallest spots of mold can quickly grow with the constant presence of moisture.

Find more useful guides and how to’s on, your everyday cleaning guide.

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