How To Clean Bathroom Tiles (Tips You Should Know)

How to clean bathroom tiles

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles (Tips You Should Know)

Tile grouts are necessary as space fillers in between bathroom tiles.

Without proper grout application, there will be gaps in the bathroom floor.

Over time, with wear and exposure to moisture, grouts become brittle.

The issue of breaking grouts starts with improper installation.

The gaps become home to many microbes.

The spaces that cleaning solutions don’t reach become home to molds.

Growing molds and bacteria can make the bathroom unhygienic.

It’s necessary to keep cleaning the bathroom tiles regularly.

Take away the potential of hazardous viruses coming from moist cracks in the grout.

On top of becoming an unclean space, the tile grout becomes dirty.

It’s common for tile grouts to turn black and give unsightly bathroom tiles.

Let this guide help you in learning how to clean bathroom tiles.

Common tile and grout issues

A brand new bathroom has a spotless condition and a well-kept look.

You will barely see any cracks on the tiles.

There is no dirt lingering in fine spaces that turn the floor darker.

There are bare to no stains that give a discolored look to the bathroom aesthetic.

Learn how to clean bathroom tiles grouts to restore a fresh bathroom.

Think of it as bathroom maintenance to keep the area pure and comfortable all the time.

Avoid these common issues with tile grout by cleaning the bathroom regularly.

  • Accumulation of dirt in tile grouts
  • Unreachable tile seams and grouts
  • Mold growth in tile grout
  • Dull-looking tiles on the bathroom floor
  • Dark and stained tiles and tile grout
  • Visible tile gaps
  • Broken tile grout
  • Ineffective cleaning solutions that don’t lighten the grout

Natural tile and grout cleaning

With common tile and grout issues present, you have tons of options available.

Many products help in keeping the grout and tiles clean.

Other products are specific in giving the tiles a polished look.

After all, a clean bathroom floor is pleasing and pure to look at.

Shiny floor tiles elevate the look and condition of the bathroom.

Many products that give effective cleaning are already present inside your home.

Commercial cleaning products are available in the grocery any time.

However, there’s no need to go out when you already have some helpful products.

It’s unlikely that you ever imagine using vinegar to clean the tiles.

Fortunately, there are more natural remedies that you might not have thought of.

Here are some ways on how to clean bathroom tiles naturally.

How to clean bathroom tiles with vinegar

  1. Prepare the vinegar and water solution. Mix equal parts of vinegar and warm water to clean the tiles. If you want to use a foam solution, add some dish soap that helps lather the tiles.
  2. Spray or pour the solution on the floor. Ensure that all tiles have a cleaning solution, so you don’t miss out on any tiles.
  3. Use a clean mop for the floor tiles.
  4. Now, focus on the tile grout. Using a toothbrush, brush the fine lines between the tiles. You will end up with a lot of dark cleaning solutions from scrubbing the grout.
  5. Repeat the steps until all dirt from the grout is gone.
  6. Rinse the floor with clean water to take out the vinegar smell.
  7. Leave the bathroom floor to dry.

How to clean bathroom tiles with baking soda

  1. Dry the bathroom floor before cleaning using baking soda alone. Ventilate the bathroom floor before stepping inside.
  2. Prepare the baking soda or sodium bicarbonate solution for cleaning. It’s possible to use baking soda alone.
  3. Create a mixture of 75% baking soda and 25% water.
  4. Apply the baking soda paste on the tile grout and dark spots on the tiles. Use a brush or toothbrush to spread the baking soda around narrow grout spaces.
  5. Leave the bathroom for 30 minutes to let the paste take effect.
  6. Rinse off the baking soda paste with water. You can also clean the bathroom tiles with a cleaning solution. Rinse the paste along with the bathroom tiles.
  7. Repeat if you miss some spots or parts.

How to clean bathroom tiles home remedies

  1. Dry the bathroom floor before you proceed with the tile cleaning.
  2. Prepare a baking soda paste. Mix three parts of baking soda and one part of water.
  3. Prepare a natural home remedy with lemon juice. Pour some lemon juice into a spray container.
  4. Brush the paste on the tile grout and take away the dirt. Sprinkle some baking soda on the tiles.
  5. Spray the lemon juice on the bathroom tiles and the grout.
  6. Leave the bathroom for 5 to 10 minutes.
  7. Rinse the floor with water and leave to dry. Repeat as necessary.


Natural cleaning remedies are available for everybody.

The first step you need to take is to check your house for products.

The kitchen is home to many cooking staples, but many ingredients have a double purpose.

Start your journey in natural bathroom tile cleaning.

You don’t need to experience hassle with running out of cleaning solutions.

Learning how to clean bathroom tiles effectively also means exploring alternatives that work for you.

Find more useful guides and how to’s on, your everyday cleaning guide.

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