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How To Clean A Toaster

The toaster is often overlooked when it comes to kitchen cleaning.

Oftentimes we ignore how important the toaster is when it fails.

This small appliance deserves to be cleaned regularly to ensure its working condition.

Keep in mind that crumbs accumulate in a toaster over time.

In this how-to article, we will show you how to clean a toaster.

First off, take the crumb tray out and clean it.

Next, clean both the inside and outside of the appliance.

We guarantee you that your toaster will be sparkly clean and ready for the next cooking session when you’re finished.

For a more detailed step in cleaning, here’s a step-by-step guide to thoroughly cleaning your toaster.

Step 1: Unplug and take out the crumb tray

First, make sure to remove the toaster from the electrical socket before cleaning it to avoid any accidents.

After you unplug the toaster, place it on a large flat surface such as a table or counter.

Lay down a layer of newspaper to work on.

Then, remove the crumb tray.

The newspaper will allow you to easily collect and dispose of the crumbs away.

Or, you can simply empty the tray directly into the bin.

Most toasters have a removable crumb tray on the bottom of the appliances.

You should be able to easily slide out the crumb tray for the most part.

If you can’t figure out how to remove the crumb tray check your user’s manual

Step 2: Remove any remaining crumbs

Shake the appliance vigorously to get rid of any loose debris.

You can also shake the crumb tray directly to the newspaper.

But, shaking it over the garbage is easier to get rid of the crumbs right away.

Step 3: Wash the crumb tray

Warm water and mild liquid soap are enough to clean the crumb tray.

Wash it in the same manner as you would any other dish.

After that, clean it thoroughly and remove any stuck-on crumbs or stains.

Step 4: Cleaning a non-removable crumb tray

Turn your toaster upside down.

Shake it gently over the newspaper or garbage a few times.

This should get rid of the majority of the loose crumbs.

Step 5: Clean the toaster’s interior

Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, gently brush the toaster’s wires.

Start brushing the appliance from the top going to the bottom part.

After removing the crumbs, turn the toaster upside down and shake it again.

Step 6: Wiping down the exterior with vinegar and baking soda

Dip your cleaning cloth with vinegar, then wipe down the sides of the toaster.

You can use baking soda to scrub away tough stuck-on stains.

To avoid scratches on the toaster, use a non-scratching sponge or cleaning cloth.

Step 6: Cleaning the toaster tray with dish soap

In a bowl of warm water, add 2-3 drops of dishwashing liquid to wipe down the toaster tray.

Scrub the crumb tray using a sponge soaked with the cleaning solution.

Make sure that all of the sticky bits have been removed.

Then rinse the toaster tray with plain water.

Before returning the tray to its original position, pat it dry with a clean and dry towel.

Step 7:  Give your toaster a final wipe down

Wipe the exteriors of your toaster with a microfiber cloth.

This will ensure that your appliance is free of stains.

In maintaining a clean toaster, follow this simple how-to guide.

Here’s how:

Deep clean the toaster monthly

Give your toaster a thorough cleaning once a month.

Remove the crumb tray first, just as you would for regular cleaning.

Then, using vinegar, clean the interior and exterior.

This cleaning agent prevents crumbs and other debris from building up in your toaster.

Return the toaster to its original location in your kitchen.

But before you turn it on, make sure the inside of your toaster is completely dry.

Empty out the crumbs weekly

Take the crumb tray out and clean it at least once a week.

For a non-removable crumb tray, turn it upside down and wipe the surface over the trash bin.

Wipe down the exterior every day

Don’t forget to clean your toaster every day when you’re doing routine kitchen cleaning.

Wipe down the toaster with a damp rag or a cloth soaked with vinegar.

This will prevent excessive dirt and dust from accumulating on the toaster’s exterior.


Cleaning your appliances regularly will not only extend their service life but will also improve their performance.

Furthermore, it also ensures that your appliance is always clean and operational.

In addition, cleaning your kitchen appliances saves you money on energy bills.

Aside from that, it gets rid of any lingering odors, caked-on dust, and bacteria.

You will greatly benefit from these advantages if you follow this simple yet effective how-to guide.

Understanding how to clean a toaster properly will help you keep your home appliance clean and functional.