How to Clean Toilet Bowl Ring with Vinegar?

How to Clean Toilet Bowl Ring with Vinegar

How to Clean Toilet Bowl Ring with Vinegar?

Toilets can turn very unpleasant to look at over time.

Without proper cleaning and maintenance, all kinds of fluids discolor the toilet bowl.

Toilet bowls start with a pristine white that comes from the original color of the ceramic material.

In particular, one of the most common stains in toilet bowls is rings.

Do you see rings on the lower part of the bowl when you flush down?

These things are toilet bowl rings.

They indicate the presence of dirt and lack of maintenance.

Luckily, there are many ways you can clean toilet bowls.

You don’t need to suffer by looking at unsanitary toilet rings.

One of the most effective ways to clean is using vinegar solutions inside the bowl.

Vinegar has a lot of proven antibacterial properties on many surfaces.

Fortunately, vinegar works on all toilet bowl surfaces.

Let this guide teach you how to get rid of brown stains in toilet bowl.

Vinegar and water solution

Vinegar and water solutions are some of the most common ways to clean rings. You can clean with vinegar alone and let the pure solution do its magic. Vinegar has a pH that can range from around 2 to 3.

You may want to adjust the strength of the solution before cleaning the rings. Use these steps on how to clean toilet bowl ring with vinegar.

1. Drain the toilet off the water so you will have the least amount of water. Turn off the water valve that connects to the toilet bowl. Hold the flush lever and wait for the tank to empty.

TIP: If you want to get rid of the water totally, get a sponge. Place it on the bottom of the bowl and wait for the water to soak.

2. Get the vinegar from your pantry or supply and water. Mix 3 parts of water and 1 part vinegar.

TIP: If you opt for a stronger solution, increase the vinegar part according to need. Mix the solution well.

3. Pour the solution until it reaches the toilet rings. Make sure all rings are at level with the vinegar solution.

4. Leave the toilet for an hour. To wipe away the rings, scrub off the area where the rings are present.

5. Flush the toilet after an hour. If there are still rings present, repeat the steps with a stronger vinegar solution.

Baking soda and vinegar

There is another way on how to clean toilet bowl ring with vinegar.

Hard water stains are particularly challenging to clean.

Try a baking soda and vinegar mixture inside the toilet.

Follow these steps to clean toilet with vinegar and baking soda.

1. Make sure the toilet doesn’t have water. Drain the toilet from still water inside. Disconnect the water valve and push the flush lever.

2. Get your distilled white vinegar from the kitchen. Pour the vinegar inside the toilet bowl and ensure it reaches the toilet ring stains.

3. Get the baking soda from your supply. Sprinkle enough baking soda inside the toilet bowl. There may be some fizzing reaction from this step. Don’t worry, as this is normal from the reaction of the reagents.

4. Leave the toilet for up to half an hour.

5. Check the toilet after 30 minutes. Rinse off the solution inside the toilet bowl. Repeat the steps if there are still visible rings in the bottom.

Scrubbing the toilet

Scrubbing always helps in fast ring cleaning.

However, it’s not advisable to use any random scrub you find.

Some scrubs leave scratches on the porcelain surface.

Clean toilet bowl ring with pumice stone for maximum effect.

1. Buy a pumice stone from your local store.

TIP: These items are very affordable and accessible. Retail stores sell various pumice stones for household purposes.

2. Fill the toilet bowl with clean water. To ensure cleaning and sanitation, add a multipurpose cleaner solution.

3. Place the pumice stone in the toilet bowl. Soak and dampen the pumice stone to soften it a little.

4. Scrub the toilet bowl until all toilet rings disappear.

5. Flush the solution and rinse it off with clean water. Repeat steps if there are remaining stains in the bowl.

Cleaning without scrubbing

If you worry about scratch marks, there are other ways to clean the rings. You don’t need to damage the surface of the toilets.

Remove the toilet ring without scrubbing with overnight vinegar method.

1. Drain the toilet of the water supply. Turn off the water valve and push the flush lever. Wait for the toilet bowl to empty.

2. Pour vinegar into the toilet. Make sure the vinegar reaches the rings.

3. Leave the toilet bowl overnight for maximum cleaning.

4. The next day, flush off the vinegar. Rinse the toilet with clean water.

5. If there are still stains present, repeat the steps.

How to Clean Toilet Bowl Ring with Vinegar – Conclusion

There are many methods on how to get rid of water ring in toilet bowl.

You have plenty of options available.

Choose one that works for your toilet.

Keep the toilet bowl free from rings and enjoy a sanitary bathroom routine.

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