How To Clean Toilet Siphon Jet (Incl. Helpful Tips)

How To Clean Toilet Siphon Jet

How To Clean Toilet Siphon Jet (Incl. Helpful Tips)

When it comes to the bathroom, cleanliness is a must.

As such, it is only right that you learn how to clean siphon jet clogged.

It is important that you learn how to clean siphon hole in toilet.

As a homeowner, learning these is a must.

A toilet bowl siphon jet hole must be free of fit for comfortable use.

Is your toilet rim jets not working?

Do you know how to clean the small hole in the bottom of the toilet?

Don’t worry, we got your back.

This article will teach you how to clean toilet siphon jet.

Prepare the Materials

You need to be ready with the following materials:

  • Baking soda
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Toilet brush
  • Hand gloves
  • Wire piece
  • Bleach/detergent

Get Rid of Bacteria

Bacteria is the leading cause of the mess.

It can cause bad smells, stains, and health problems.

Thus, it is best to get rid of it regularly.

Since the toilet is the common area where bacteria breeds, it cannot be avoided.

What you can do, however, is clean it.

All you need to do is to make a cleaning solution.

This will reduce the number of bacteria in the toilet.

In order to kill bacteria from the toilet, you need a strong detergent.

Simply make a homemade solution with vinegar and baking soda, bleach, and detergent.

Moreover, make sure that you do not make use of an abrasive cleaner.

This can significantly damage the porcelain of your toilet.

Cleaning the Jets Exterior

Before you begin cleaning, remove the water from the toilet bowl first.

To do this, turn the water valve off for the toilet.

Then, flush the toilet to remove the excess water from the bowl.

Next, using a small mirror, look under the rim of the toilet bowl.

This will aid in identifying the areas under the rim that needs a thorough cleaning.

Moreover, you can apply vinegar and baking soda paste.

Leave it on the surface for thirty minutes.

Ensure that the paste is applied into the jets thoroughly.

Then, after a few minutes, use a scrub to scrub off the bacteria.

Check with a mirror again and repeat the procedure if needed.

Cleaning the Jets Interior

In how to clean the toilet siphon jet, ensure that the interior is given a deep clean.

The firsts step is to drain the bowl with water first. Insert a narrow wire brush into the jets.

Then, scrape the surfaces to remove deposits.

The porcelain can crack easily.

Hence, you need to exercise caution for this.

After you have scraped the jets, just apply bleach and detergent.

Do this around the toilet rim.

Let the cleaning solution sit for fifteen minutes.

Then, make use of a toilet brush to clean the bottom of the rim.

Again, check if the toilet is already clean.

Then, repeat the process before flushing.

Get Rid of Mineral Deposits

In order to clean out the minerals in the toilet jet, just follow the abovementioned process.

Yet, the process of cleaning might be more difficult.

This is because the calcium deposit can form a hard layer.

Treat the jets using vinegar first.

Then, proceed to scrape the jets from the hard water deposit.

There are various ways to clean using vinegar to get rid of such deposits.

The first one is the spray bottle method, while the other is the duct tape method.

It will depend on how much buildup is in the toilet jet. You can use both or choose one only.

Vinegar Spray Bottle Method

Like the above steps, turn off the water valve first.

Then, flush the toilet in order to get rid of the water in the bowl.

Boil one cup of vinegar for your cleaning solution.

Then, transfer it to a spray bottle after it has cooled off.

After that, spray the jets and the other areas in the toilet. Then, allow it to sit for another hour.

The mineral deposits will then eventually trickle down the bowl.

This means that the solution is already taking effect.

Using a wire or brush, gently scrape the jets. Simply repeat the proces if need be.

Duct Tape Method

With this method, give the toilet bowl and its rims a deep clean first.

Do this with a toilet brush.

Then, turn off the water and flush it. With this, you can have a dry toilet for cleaning.

Afterward, cover the jets with some duct tape.

The next step is to fill the tank with one gallon of vinegar.

Then, flush the toilet.

The vinegar will then soak the jets, and the duct tape will seal it inside.

After one hour or so, remove the duct tape.

Then, check the jets if the process will need to be repeated.

Good luck!

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