How To Clean Toilet Bowl Stains (Helpful Tips)

How to clean toilet bowl

How To Clean Toilet Bowl Stains (Helpful Tips)

One of the most disgusting sites in a bathroom is a dirty toilet.

A toilet accumulates dirt, gunk, and discolorations fast.

It doesn’t matter if discolored spots are present.

Subtle stains will make you question the sanitation of the toilet.

Microorganisms crawl about and thrive best in some areas in the bathroom.

It makes you wonder, are the other parts of the bathroom dirty too?

If you own a home with a bathroom, prioritize the toilet all the time.

Microbes from the toilet can quickly spread over neighboring areas.

Flushing movements can spread microorganisms in the air.

Not only is this area for more personal use.

Direct contact always happens when somebody does their business.

It plays a significant role in keeping the toilet clean and presentable all the time.

It pays to be skillful and know how to clean toilet stain.

Various remedies against stains

There are many homemade remedies for a dirty toilet.

There are many brands of affordable cleaners that take away dirt.

Formulated commercial cleaning products are designed to take away pathogens upon application.

However, do you know there are things you probably have that give cleaning power too?

You can use the current cleaning solutions you have.

If you plan to explore your options, check your current stocks at home.

Your kitchen and pantry contents may serve a double purpose you didn’t know about.

Many everyday household staples provide cleaning that proves to be as effective as commercial cleaners.

Moreover, some of these items have natural cleaning properties that target specific issues.

Some examples of toilet stain removers you can find at home are as follows:

  • Vinegar cleans regular toilet stains that build up over time
  • Borax and vinegar solution eliminates hard water stains from limescale
  • Baking soda removes yellow stains in the toilet from discoloration
  • Coca-cola has acid that breaks down brown stains that come from rust
  • Citrus fruits and various essential oils take away foul odor in the toilet

Different kinds of toilet stains

You can match the homemade cleaning solutions according to use.

There are different kinds of toilet stains.

You don’t need to clean everything in one go.

Some cleaning solutions take time to work.

Others warrant a more immediate effect.

Work with what you have at the given moment.

After all, alternative cleaning solutions provide more options for you.

These cleaning solutions are also ways for you to save some bucks.

Do the following steps to remove common toilet stains.

How to remove yellow stains from toilet rim

  1. Dry the toilet rim before starting the cleaning process.
  2. Prepare baking soda for the toilet rim. Also, prepare some vinegar to complement the baking soda.
  3. Sprinkle some baking soda on the toilet rim.
  4. Spray some vinegar on the baking soda after the scrubbing.
  5. Brush or scrub the toilet rim with a brush or toothbrush.
  6. Leave the solution for 20 minutes.
  7. Rinse the toilet rim with running water.
  8. Repeat the steps if you still have some yellow spots on the toilet rim.

How to remove hard water stains from toilet

  1. Drain the toilet of water and make sure all parts are as dry as possible.
  2. Get some borax and vinegar.
  3. Sprinkle some borax on the toilet. You can add up to 3 tablespoons of borax to the toilet.
  4. Scrub the borax on the surface using a brush. You can use a toothbrush for smaller and more focused spots.
  5. Pour some vinegar on the borax in the toilet.
  6. Leave the bathroom for 20 minutes.
  7. Rinse the toilet afterward.
  8. Repeat the steps if there are still some hard water stains present.

How to remove toilet stains brown

  1. Ensure that the toilet is dry before you clean it. Disconnect the water supply for the tank.
  2. Get a bottle of Coca-Cola from your fridge.
  3. Pour it on the brown stains in the toilet. Brown stains are more visible near the drain entrance. They are also common on the water spouts of the toilet, beneath the ledge of the seat.
  4. Leave the toilet overnight with Coca-Cola.
  5. Don’t scrub the toilet; it’s best to leave the bathroom alone untouched for the beverage cleaner to work.
  6. Reconnect the water supply. Flush away the Coca-Cola.
  7. Rinse the toilet with water as necessary. Make sure all the Coca-Cola solution is gone before you start using the toilet again.
  8. You can do some additional scrubbing if there are still other stains in the toilet.


A toilet bowl is a very personal place inside the bathroom.

People do business in the toilet all the time.

Learn how to clean toilet stains to make your bathroom more presentable.

A clean toilet is a sign of good hygiene.

In a time where pathogens can cause serious ailments, a clean environment is necessary.

It doesn’t take more than an hour to clean the toilet.

Schedule your toilet schedule and give your bathroom a regular clean to avoid preventable illnesses.

The toilet bowl holds a lot of liquid all the time.

Water is always present in the base before the drain.

The toilet tank holds water you use for flushing.

The presence of liquid can become an adequate breeding ground for bacteria and molds.

Even stagnant cleaning water inside the bowl can lead to the accumulation of dirt.

It would be best if you still cleaned the toilet bowl even when no one uses it.

The situation worsens with an unflushed toilet.

The porcelain material of the toilet bowl is prone to discoloration.

The absence of clean water means that whatever waste is inside the bowl stays there.

A clean toilet bowl has more than just a constant supply of clean water.

You need to apply effective cleaning agents when you learn how to clean toilet bowl.

Guarantee that you can take away the particles that can discolor the toilet.

Signs that you need to clean the toilet bowl

Prepare yourself for some signs that help in warning you to clean the toilet bowl.

These signs will come in handy when you don’t have the time to clean.

It’s best to give the toilet a good cleaning every week.

However, sometimes it may not be practical when you have work and family to prioritize.

Watch out for these signs that signify that you need to clean the toilet bowl urgently.


Porcelain tends to discolor with prolonged exposure to liquids.

When you don’t wipe a liquid off the porcelain, it absorbs the color over time.

Some common toilet bowl stains that come from discolorations are as follows:

  • Yellow stains from unflushed urine or other liquids
  • Dark brown stains from dirt build-up and the presence of rust on the toilet bowl
  • Green stains come from growing molds in the crevices of the toilet
  • Hard water stains come from limescale or the minerals in the tap water (clean water)
  • Regular stains from waste, soap scum, and other visible hardened particles


One sign of an unsanitary toilet bowl is the smell.

It’s one of the most apparent give-aways of an unclean toilet.

The foul smell often stays longer in the corners of the toilet bowl.

A close toilet tank with all the undisturbed dirt build-up will reek.

Even if there is clear water present in the drain, stain build-up keeps the smell inside the toilet bowl.

The real problem is this: the smell doesn’t stay in the toilet bowl; it spreads to other bathroom parts.

Toilet cleaning procedures

Apply effective cleaning methods to clean the toilet bowl.

Address the stains first.

Then follow it up with solutions for the foul odor of the toilet bowl.

How to clean a very stained toilet bowl

  1. Prepare the toilet bowl by giving it an initial cleaning. Dry the toilet thoroughly and turn off the water valve. The toilet bowl should have as little water as possible.
  2. Prepare the cleaning solution you will use. One example is a popular beverage with acidic properties to break down stains. If you want to explore, Coca-Cola is one of the alternatives instead of a commercial cleaner.
  3. Pour the Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl. Make sure to cover the parts with the stains.
  4. Leave the toilet overnight for the beverage to take effect on the hard stains.
  5. Turn on the water valve again and flush away the beverage.
  6. Rinse the toilet bowl with clean water and flush away any beverage residue.

How to clean under toilet rim

  1. Initially, rinse off the toilet bowl of any waste or leftover water. Dry the toilet afterward.
  2. Prepare the cleaning agent you will use. One example is baking soda. Create a paste and mix three parts baking soda and one part water. Prepare enough for the entire rim underneath the seat.
  3. Bring out a toothbrush and apply the baking soda paste on the rims. Cover all narrow parts, i.e., water jets, areas under the toilet seat.
  4. Leave the paste for 30 minutes to take effect.
  5. Using clean water, rinse off the paste. Do this while scrubbing down the toilet rim.
  6. Repeat the steps if there are still stubborn stains on the toilet rim.

Toilet cleaning tips

There are many hacks available for you.

Cleaning the toilet rim requires patience and focus as the space is very narrow.

You probably need more than one try to bring back the porcelain’s color.

Other substances help in making the cleaning more efficient.

Here are some toilet tips and tricks to make rim cleaning more effective.

  • Another alternative to coke and baking soda is vinegar. Clean the toilet with vinegar if you want a more natural scent afterward. The pungent smell of the vinegar helps in deodorizing the rim.
  • If you use baking soda and vinegar, don’t leave them for a long time. Both reagents are highly reactive with each other. In the initial stages of the solution, there should be a fizzle to indicate the reaction.
  • Using a hard bristle toothbrush helps in scrubbing fine spaces. The rim is a very narrow space. Sometimes regular hand brushes don’t reach the insides well.


Don’t forget hidden spots when cleaning the toilet bowl.

The toilet rim is rarely part of the toilet cleaning.

As a result, you have a toilet with accumulating rims.

Molds and bacteria blacken the water jets over time.

When you apply methods on how to clean toilet bowl, include the rims.

It’s not impossible to bring back the original porcelain color of the entire toilet bowl.

Find more useful guides and how to’s on, your everyday cleaning guide.

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