What Causes Grey Stains In Toilet Bowl (Incl. Helpful Tips)

What Causes Grey Stains in Toilet Bowl

What Causes Grey Stains In Toilet Bowl (Incl. Helpful Tips)

Toilet bowls experience frequent discoloration.

One of the most common stains you’ll see is grey stains.

These stains may come in the form of rings at the bottom.

The grey stains also appear randomly in other parts of the toilet, like the rim.

With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can get rid of the stains soon.

Don’t worry, as the stains aren’t a permanent fixture on the porcelain.

It’s not impossible to restore the original state of the toilet bowl.

First, you need to know what causes grey stains in the toilet bowl.

Then, devise ways on how to get rid of grey stains in toilet.

What Causes Grey Stains In Toilet Bowl

You may wonder what causes grey stains in the toilet bowl? There are many reasons why the stains discolor the porcelain.

Stubborn stains are harder to remove, even if you regularly clean the toilet.


One of the most common causes of grey stains is bacteria.

All strains of bacteria have different color stains on the surface.

As such, the grey color in the toilet bowl can come from these microorganisms.

Over time, they may have built up colonies that make the toilet bowl dirty.

Hard water stains

Hard water stains come from mineral build-up in the water.

Calcium deposits tend to leave a grey-colored hue on the surface.

Another element that leaves hard water stains is magnesium.

As chalky deposits come from the water source, the grey stains will manifest over time.

Dirt build-up

The most obvious answer may be dirt build-up in the toilet bowl.

Without proper cleaning and maintenance, the grey stains stay for a long time.

Grey stains last longer in toilet bowls that aren’t in regular use.

As the water levels remain longer at a certain level, the more the dirt discolors the porcelain.

Note that with proper cleaning, you can prevent grey discolorations in the toilet bowl.

Combination of causes

Sometimes, the stains thrive because of the various factors present in the toilet bowl.

It’s time to take cleaning seriously and ensure the toilet bowl is safe for use.

The less you clean the toilet, the more severe the discoloration manifests in the porcelain.

If you don’t want permanent grey rings, scrub the toilet bowl regularly.

Other color stains

Grey stains aren’t the only color present that can ruin your toilet bowl.

Other color stains like pink, blue, yellow, red, and brown stains are possible too.

Get rid of all possible color discolorations to the white porcelain by using effective cleaning methods.

Ways to remove grey stains

Now you know what causes grey stains in the toilet bowl, it’s time to clean.

Check your household cleaning supplies and pantry first.

Most likely, you will find the cleaning agents you need.

With proper technique and timing, you’ll get rid of the stains soon.


  1. Drain the toilet bowl of water by turning off the water valve. Then, press down the flush lever until there is no water in the toilet bowl.
  2. Pour enough bleach inside the toilet bowl. Cover all the parts with grey stains.
  3. Brush the toilet bowl with a toilet brush. Ensure that you scrub off the grey discolorations and the rings at the bottom.
  4. Flush the bleach from the toilet bowl and rinse. Use clean water by turning on the water valve again.
  5. Inspect the toilet bowl. If there are still stains, repeat the steps as necessary.

Vinegar and baking soda

  1. Drain the toilet bowl completely. Do this by turning off the water valve and pushing down the flush lever.
  2. Prepare baking soda and vinegar from the pantry. Pour the vinegar into the toilet bowl. Make sure it covers all grey stains in the porcelain. Sprinkle some baking soda in the toilet bowl. Mix the solution with the toilet brush.
  3. Leave the bathroom for 15 to 20 minutes and let the cleaning take place.
  4. After 15 to 20 minutes, return to the toilet bowl and do some scrubbing. Scrub the stains gently using a toilet brush or pumice stone. Make sure to scrub away all the stains present.
  5. Flush the solution from the toilet bowl first. Rinse the toilet bowl afterward with clean water. Do this by turning the water valve on and pushing down the flush lever. Repeat steps if there are still grey stains in the toilet bowl.


One of the most frequently asked questions is, “can you use steel wool on porcelain toilets?”

The answer is YES. Steel wool is abrasive.

It would be best to get a suitable grade for your toilet bowl.

Discolorations can happen to all parts of the toilet bowl.

Take special note of inaccessible places like under the rim and the siphon jets.

Toilet seat discolorations are very common as well.

It takes time and effort to maintain sanitation and hygiene.

Don’t wait for grey stains to turn into black stains in the toilet bowl.

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