How To Clean Toilet Tank (With Tips)

How to clean toilet tank

How To Clean Toilet Tank (With Tips)

The toilet tank is one of the most invisible parts of the bathroom.

You probably never opened the tank behind the toilet unless you experience issues.

If you have irregular routine maintenance, toilet tanks barely get the clean necessary.

Newsflash! It’s essential to clean the toilet tanks.

Once you open the tank, grime and gunk in the tank walls will welcome you.

It’s possible to keep the pristine white color of the tank.

The problem with a dirty tank is, discoloration happens over time.

Even though it’s not visible from the outside, clean the tank regularly.

Learning how to clean the toilet tank will give you some knowledge on home sanitation.

Leaving a dirty tank speaks about the sanitation of the entire bathroom.

You can’t clean the more visible parts and expect hidden areas to keep complete sanitation.

A dirty tank will still harbor bacteria even if you clean the porcelain outside.

Algae, rust, and mold can grow inside the toilet tank.

Without touching it, microbes thrive in the toilet mechanism inside.

Ways to clean toilet tank

Before you start to scrub the tank inside, prepare your cleaning solution.

Your choice of cleaning solution can make cleaning more effective and efficient.

There are natural cleaning agents that you can formulate.

Other commercial cleaning products are available in the market.

Even more, there are many unexpected substances that give a good clean.

There is no limit in exploring the cleaning solution that you want to use.

How to clean the toilet tank using vinegar

  1. Check the pantry and bring out the vinegar you have. Prepare enough vinegar with the amount of water the tank holds.
  2. Find the water valve that connects to the toilet tank. Turn off the valve. Drain the tank by flushing the water towards the toilet. Now, you have an empty toilet tank.
  3. Dry the toilet tank entirely before pouring the vinegar.
  4. Pour the volume of vinegar until it covers all walls of the tank.
  5. Leave the vinegar for at least 12 hours. Vinegar is best for discoloration issues.
  6. Afterward, drain the vinegar from the tank by flushing it towards the toilet.
  7. Check the tank and brush off any debris inside. You can use some liquid soap to help with the scrubbing.
  8. Rinse with clean water and flush until you’re done with the vinegar solution.

How to clean toilet the tank using baking soda

  1. Prepare the baking soda and vinegar from your supply.
  2. Turn off the water valve that connects to the toilet tank. Drain all the water inside the tank until it’s empty. Leave it to dry before starting with the baking soda cleaning.
  3. Spray vinegar on parts with debris, rust, and algae build-up. Include all parts that have discoloration.
  4. Leave the sprayed area for around 10 minutes.
  5. Add a cup of baking soda to the toilet tank. Follow the baking soda with more vinegar. The solution should fizzle inside the tank.
  6. Leave the toilet tank for around 10 minutes again.
  7. Brush the toilet tank until all discoloration and build-up are in the cleaning solution.
  8. Drain the cleaning solution and rinse the tank with clean water.

Toilet tank cleaning hacks

Do you want to make cleaning more efficient?

Admittedly, many people don’t have a lot of free time to clean the toilet tank.

It’s probably one of the reasons you often forget to include it in routine maintenance.

These hacks and tips make the tank cleaning process faster but just as effective.

  • There is another powerful cleaning substance that cleans a toilet tank: COKE. That’s right! The beverage can also clean the build-up and discoloration in the tank.
  • Use the beverage instead of vinegar when you apply how to clean the toilet tank with coke. A bottle of 1-liter Coke is more than enough to clean the tank. Apply the beverage in the stains and rusty parts of the tank.
  • Some cleaning solutions need time to work best. For cleaning alternatives like vinegar (alone) and coke, allot more time for soaking.
  • In contrast, there are some cleaning solutions you shouldn’t leave for a long time. An example is a vinegar and baking soda mix.
  • For more optimal cleaning schedules, you can clean the tank twice to thrice a year. It’s not necessary to clean it every week, unlike the toilet bowl itself.


When you set out to clean the bathroom, include all the necessary parts.

Prepare before you proceed with cleaning the bathroom.

A checklist of things can help manage the chore for you.

Moreover, you will know the amount of cleaning solutions to prepare.

Don’t leave out the toilet tank in the routine cleaning.

Part of how to clean a toilet tank is to know when to clean them.

When all bathroom areas are clean, you will have fewer worries about sanitation.

Get that confidence that only a spotless toilet can give!

Find more useful guides and how to’s on, your everyday cleaning guide.

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