How To Clean Toilet Brush (Incl. Helpful Tips)

How to clean toilet brush

How To Clean Toilet Brush (Incl. Helpful Tips)

Brushes are essential cleaning tools for the bathroom.

These things do the hard labor of taking the dirt out in any space.

If you only use a cleaning solution, it doesn’t work as effectively without a brush.

In addition, many cleaning solutions aren’t “stay-on” products.

They rarely take out any dirt without accessories for use.

So when you begin your cleaning session in the bathroom, never forget a clean brush.

Bathroom cleaning can be quite ironic sometimes.

You work hard to take out all the dirt and the grime inside.

You aim to have spotless floors and showers free of microbes.

Rarely do we ever consider the cleanliness of a brush.

Always take some time to know how to clean a toilet brush.

It’s one of the easiest breeding grounds for bacteria.

Accumulating dirt stays on the bristles.

When you touch the brush again, you have direct contact with bacteria in the handle.

Cleaning remedies for toilet brush

Learn how to clean a toilet brush using some effective methods.

Keeping a clean brush guarantees that you aren’t spreading germs.

Imagine if you have an excellent homemade cleaner, but the dirty brush carries pathogens instead.

First, it defeats the purpose of cleaning the bathroom.

It’s like you are just having a transfer of microbes in various areas of the toilet.

Second, any member of your family could hold the brush. Consider it potential harm for your family members.

How to clean toilet brush with vinegar

  1. Rinse the brush with clean water initially.
  2. Prepare a vinegar-water solution for soaking. Mix equal parts of vinegar and warm water in a bucket. If you opt for a soapy solution, add a few drops of liquid dish soap to the bucket.
  3. Leave the brush and its corresponding brush holder in the bucket. Let it stay overnight for maximum cleaning effect.
  4. Take out the brush and the holder from the soaking solution. For a deep clean, scrub the brush and the holder with another cleaning agent. For example, you can use baking soda or dish soap.
  5. Rinse the brush and the holder with hot water.
  6. Leave it to dry so it can be ready for next use.

How to clean toilet brush with bleach

  1. Wash the brush with water for an initial rinsing.
  2. Prepare a bleach solution for the brush and the holder. Mix hot water and bleach in the bucket. Check the instructions for the bleach product in its information label.
  3. Soak the brush and the holder on the bucket. Let it stay for an hour or check the information label for bleach instructions.
  4. Take the brush and the holder out of the bucket.
  5. Rinse off the bleach from the brush and the holder with hot water.
  6. Leave the brush and the holder to dry before using again.

Hygienic alternative to toilet brush

There are many models and brands of brushes in the market.

The standard toilet brush is the one with a long handle.

You don’t need to stick to the general type.

Other brushes have more features to offer.

Some brushes for toilet use have integrated mechanisms to help keep a cleaner brush for you.

Where to keep the toilet brush in the bathroom?

In most homes, it sits beside the toilet bowl for easy access.

This brush comes with a holder, and often, the brush holder accumulates water.

Being near the toilet bowl lessens the sanitation of the brush.

A lot of microbes grow in the toilet and spread out to the near brush as well.

For hygienic purposes, keep the brush as far away from the toilet as possible.

Self-cleaning toilet brush

Did you know there is a self-cleaning toilet brush?

The best part is this: You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a brush that maintains itself.

Sanitation is highly regarded nowadays.

Everything needs to be as disinfected as possible to lessen the spread of viruses and germs.

You can think of the self-cleaning brush as a cross for an electronic brush.

The self-cleaning toilet brush has UV lighting to kill the bacteria on the bristles.

Every time you return the brush to the brush holder, the UV functions to sanitize the brush.

The UV light destroys the DNA of the bacteria or viruses on the brush’s bristles upon exposure.


Never forget to clean and disinfect cleaning tools before use.

You are only sabotaging the effort you put into cleaning the bathroom.

You don’t see microbes on a visible level, but leftover germs can quickly start new colonies in time.

You may think that without stains and dirt present, you have a disinfected bathroom.

Unfortunately, it’s not always the case.

You can always stick to the traditional way on how to clean a toilet brush.

Use a cleaning solution or product and then rinse it off for next use.

However, technology has contributed a lot to modifications in an object as simple as a toilet brush.

You now have options to make home cleaning easier and more manageable.

Find more useful guides and how to’s on, your everyday cleaning guide.

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