​​How To Clean Stubborn Stains In Toilet Bowl [VIDEO]

​​How to Clean Stubborn Stains in Toilet Bowl

​​How To Clean Stubborn Stains In Toilet Bowl [VIDEO]

Stains are one of the most annoying things in any place with pure aesthetics.

The presence of stains indicates a lack of sanitation and maintenance.

If you want to keep a clean bathroom, you can’t disregard stains.

Consider some methods to keep your bathroom looking pure and fresh all the time.

Many stains can tarnish your toilet bowl.

Each stain comes from a different source or cause.

As such, you need to find the best ways to clean each stain.

With the proper methods, your bathroom will look brand new!

Types of stains

Take note that each color stain differs from the other. While one cleaning method works for one color, it doesn’t mean it works on another. It’s better to understand the source of the color stain. Identify the best way on how to clean stubborn stains in the toilet bowl.

  • Pink stains or pink residue come from airborne bacteria or iron presence in the water.
  • Black, orange, or green color residue comes from mold and mildew in the toilet bowl.
  • Hard water stains or white deposits come from mineral deposits inside the water. These minerals are calcium and magnesium that accumulate from water with high alkalinity.
  • Yellow stains are tannins, which are decayed organic matter in the water.
  • Other stain colors may come from different mineral abundance or piping issues in the household.

Stains can come from other sources and stay in various colors.

Take note of the liquids or things you flush inside the toilet.

Most of the other products manifest a gradual color tint change in the white porcelain.

As much as possible, don’t flush mouthwash, liquid medicine, or greasy liquids in the toilet bowl.

It’s best to clear out the stubborn stains to make the bathroom healthy.

Pathogens are always lurking around, and they often manifest through colored stains.

Keep the bathroom a clean space free from stubborn stains!

Coke solution

Coke is a popular beverage on a hot day.

However, did you know Coke is also an effective cleaning product?

If you want to know how to get rid of brown stains in toilet bowl, use Coke.

Follow these steps on how to clean toilet bowl stains with Coke.

  1. Prepare the toilet bowl by draining water. Turn off the water valve that supplies water. Push the flush lever until the bowl is empty.
  2. Prepare a bottle of Coke from your stock. It would be best to prepare a liter bottle to cover all stains present.
  3. Pour the Coke inside the toilet bowl where the stains are present.
  4. Leave the Coke overnight for maximum cleaning and stain removal.
  5. The next day, flush out the cleaning Coke from the toilet bowl. Rinse the bowl with clean water. Repeat the steps if there are still recurring stains in the porcelain.

Baking soda paste

Yellow stains don’t have any severe health effects on bathroom users.

However, the yellow tint can be annoying to the pure color of the toilet.

The problem is more serious when the yellow stain is under the rim.

How to remove yellow stains from toilet rim? For toilet bowl stains, use baking soda.

Create a baking soda and vinegar paste.

Since toilet rims are hardly visible, it’s challenging to clean the area with liquid cleaners.

Mix 3 parts baking soda and 1 part vinegar.

TIP: Adjust the parts according to need. You can modify the parts to create a thicker and stronger cleaner.

  1. Using a toothbrush, apply the paste under the rim. Ensure the paste covers all areas under the rim.
  2. Leave the bathroom for a while. Wait for the paste to take effect and remove the yellow stains.
  3. Rinse off the paste from under the rim using clean water. Use a hose, bidet, or spray bottle to rinse all parts.

Repeat the steps if there are remaining stains under the rim.

Borax and vinegar solution

Another cleaning product you can consider is borax.

Borax powder works well with vinegar paste in removing limescale.

These are some steps on how to remove limescale from toilet below waterline.

  1. Drain the toilet bowl to access areas below the waterline. Turn off the water valve and push the flush lever. Make sure the toilet bowl empties.
  2. Get borax and distilled white vinegar from your supply. Mix equal parts of the borax and vinegar.
  3. Pour the solution into the toilet bowl. Cover all areas with limescale and hard water stains.
  4. Leave the bathroom for at least 2 hours. After this time, brush the toilet bowl to remove other remaining residues.
  5. Flush the borax and vinegar solution and rinse the toilet bowl. Use clean water and repeat the steps as necessary.


While there are easier stains to clean, stubborn stains are more common in the toilet.

With stronger stains means you need more efficient methods for cleaning.

Don’t worry, as you can still clean stubborn stains with natural products.

Explore available ways on how to clean stubborn stains in the toilet bowl.

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