How To Clean A Toilet

Toilet Cleaning Tips

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How To Clean A Toilet

Toilets are sensitive areas inside the bathroom.

It’s a part of your home where people do their business.

As such, it is crucial to keep it clean at all times.

More than just keeping microbes away, it needs to be presentable.

It’s best to have a disinfected toilet all the time.

Scheduling a toilet cleaning may sound intimidating and complicated.

Microbes can start from the toilet often and cause potential threats to your health.

After all, toilets require a degree of sanitation to be safe.

The good news is, toilet cleaning isn’t as tricky.

It only starts to become an issue when certain discolorations affect how the toilet looks.

There are many effective ways on how to clean the toilet.

You don’t need to be stuck on hiring professional help every single time.

When is it time to clean the toilet?

You don’t need to scrub away the toilet every day.

However, keeping a regular schedule helps in the maintenance of the toilet.

Consider it as a routine or a therapeutic chore in your home life.

To give a more direct indication that you need to clean the toilet, look out for some signs.

Some symptoms are very telling to make you prioritize toilet cleaning.

Some homeowners have a daily schedule that isn’t set or routine.

Finding free time for a toilet cleaning procedure can often be a challenge.

You can’t clean the toilet unless two things happen.

First, there is an emergency with the toilet.

Second, there are many apparent signs indicating immediate cleaning.

Toilet stains

Toilet stains come from the build-up of dirt inside the toilet bowl.

They can come from many sources.

There are various ways on how to clean toilet stains.

Often, they result from constant exposure to water and other liquids.

Urine can alter the color of the toilet over time.

Other times, limescale deposits stay in the drain.

Tap water has minerals that leave traces in the bowl.

Rust is not uncommon in the toilet.

You will find them present if you don’t clean the toilet regularly.

Foul odor

One of the most disgusting things is when a toilet reeks off a foul odor.

A toilet that leaves a bad smell can affect the entire bathroom.

Even if you close the toilet seat, it’s not a guarantee that the smell leaves.

Some products can mask the smell, but they can only serve as a temporary solution.

A smelly toilet needs a deep cleaning to kill off particles that cause the odor.

Issues with toilet usage

At first, a toilet functions perfectly without any issue.

However, the build-up of dirt affects the function and parts of the toilet.

Imagine the drain of the toilet clogging with all the uncleaned dirt.

You will end up with a toilet that doesn’t flush immediately.

When the water tank has a build-up of gunks, the tank has less water capacity for an optimal flush.

Consider routine cleaning as a check-up and inspection of the entire toilet unit.

Sanitary ways to clean the toilet

When you clean the toilet, it’s one thing to keep the toilet thing.

It’s another to keep yourself less exposed to microbes and pathogens.

Cleaning the toilet doesn’t mean you should leave yourself unclean from the routine.

Practice safe methods and the most hygienic way to clean a toilet.

Guarantee that during the toilet cleaning, you keep yourself safe and clean as well.

Dry the bathroom

First, you need to make sure that the bathroom is dry.

You wouldn’t want to end up slipping or water flooding when you clean the toilet.

Leave the bathroom open or well ventilated before proceeding to clean the toilet.

Leave the bathroom untouched for an hour or so before cleaning the toilet.

Use products that offer effective cleaning property

The cleaning product that you use is the most significant factor in keeping a sanitary toilet.

It would be best if you only bought or made products that have proven effective cleaning properties.

Toilet cleaners in the market have information labels that inform you how the product works.

Household staples like vinegar, baking soda, and lime are some of the effective cleaning remedies.

They can break down dirt and discolorations inside the toilet.

Wear protective wear

Never forget to keep yourself safe! Some toilet cleaning solutions, homemade or commercial, have strong effects.

Some of the tiniest amounts of cleaning agents can take away microbes.

However, they also result in fumes and burns upon application.

Wear protective goggles, thick handling gloves, and coveralls.

Use disinfected cleaning articles

Ensure that the things you use are also clean.

Even with a working solution that kills bacteria, using a dirty brush makes it counterproductive.

You will have a clean-looking toilet that still harbors some microparticles and microorganisms.

Clean rags, brushes, toothbrushes, and other cleaning articles before using them!

Clean the toilet tools

Don’t forget to clean the toilet articles afterward. For example, if you want to know how to clean a toilet sponge, follow these steps:

Fill a container, i.e., a bucket with warm water and a cleaning solution.
Soak the toilet sponge in a bucket for at least two hours before use.
If there is tough dirt on the sponge, soak them a little longer.
Rinse the sponge with warm water and dry it before use.


Nobody likes to clean the toilet.

However, it’s one of the most necessary things to do to ensure a clean home.

Maintain your bathroom and learn how to clean the toilet.

An effective cleaning doesn’t only maintain the toilet; it makes the toilet last longer.