How to Clean Loofah Bath Mat (With These Simple Steps)

How to Clean Loofah Bath Mat

How to Clean Loofah Bath Mat (With These Simple Steps)

Without a doubt, a loofah bath mat has a lot of microorganisms present.

Pairs of feet step on a bath mat every day.

When you wake up to take a bath, you set foot on the mat first.

People may scrub their feet on the bath mat before getting out of the shower.

Your pet may walk in and out of the shower area, stepping on the mat.

It comes as no surprise that a loofah bath mat may breed various microbes.

Since bath mats mainly stay in the shower area, it is also prone to molds.

Expect molds and mildew to grow in untouched bath mats inside the shower area.

The constant exposure to moisture is favorable to molds.

It’s necessary to clean the bath mat regularly to keep hygiene top-notch.

Get rid of the pathogens that are starting to grow on the loofah bath mat.

It would be best if you knew how to clean a loofah bath mat.

Let this guide help you keep your loofah free from growing germs and bacteria.

Cleaning agents

Many cleaning agents can help disinfect loofah bath mats.

Luckily there are effective agents to help combat the growth of molds in the shower.

You have a lot of options for the cleaning procedure of the bath mat.

Search your pantry for some cleaning agents.


Bleach helps in disinfecting bath mats in the shower.

The sodium hypochlorite kills microbes in the bath mat.

As bleach products are often strong, it’s best to use them as a dilute solution.

A measured amount of bleach can go a long way for your mats.


Vinegar is also another household product that has a dual purpose.

Vinegar isn’t only an effective cleaning agent.

It has another secret that powers its cleaning properties.

Vinegar is also an antifungal cleaner, meaning it can kill molds in the bath mat.


The fastest way to clean a loofah bath mat is through detergent.

You can include the loofah bath mat in your routine laundry.

The detergent will clean and disinfect the bath mat almost immediately.

How to clean rubber bath mat

The fastest way to clean a bath mat is through the laundry.

Make use of your washing machine to restore the bath mat to a clean state.

1. Remove the rubber bath mat from the shower.

2. Rinse the bath first with clean water to get rid of loose dirt.

3. Put it in the washing machine with the right amount of detergent. Set the washing machine accordingly.

TIP: It would be best not to include other laundry inside the machine. The rubber mat may still contain a lot of loose dirt.

4. Clean the suction cups with vinegar. This ensures that the suctions of the mat are free from slime and sticky film.

5. Leave the rubber mat to dry under the sun or in the dryer.

How to clean bath mat without washing machine

If you don’t want to use the washing machine, soak the mat.

Soaking the mat for a few hours can maximize the cleaning agents coating the mat.

1. Keep the bathroom open and well-ventilated. Open the door and the windows to keep strong fumes out.

2. Prepare a dilute bleach solution soak for the mat. In a deep container, add enough cold water that covers the mat. Pour the bleach solution for the mat soak.

TIP: Use the bathtub, a big pail, or a wide bucket for the soak. Never add the bleach solution to hot water as it may aggravate the fumes.

3. Soak the bath mat for a couple of hours. 3 to 4 hours of soaking time is average, but add or subtract accordingly.

4. After a few hours, rinse the bath mat with cold water. Clean the suction cups with vinegar as well.

NOTE: Most mat suctions may contain some slimy film after a long period of shower use. Use the vinegar to restore the vacuum of the suction.

5. Rinse the mat with running water and leave the bath mat to try.

How to prevent mold on bath mat

Preventions are better than cures.

The best way to stop mold growth is to prevent its ability to thrive.

Antifungal solutions work best in killing mold sources that are starting to grow.

1. Prepare a vinegar solution soak for the bath mat.

2. In a deep container, fill with enough water to cover the bath mat.

TIP: Use the bath rub, a pail, or a wide bucket for the vinegar soak.

3. Mix vinegar in the deep container. Make sure to swirl the solution to mix the vinegar evenly.

4. Soak the bath mat inside the container overnight.

5. The next day, take out the bath mat. Clean the suction cups with vinegar to get rid of slime film in the suction.

6. Rinse the bath mat with cold water to get rid of the solution.


The loofah bath mat stores a lot of microbes from the bathroom.

When you take a bath, germs and bacteria may stick on the mat.

The untouched mat starts to harbor and breed bacteria over time with constant moisture.

The area where you maintain your hygiene is the same area filled with microbes.

Make sure that you know how to clean loofah bath mat.

It’s best to get rid of any particles and microbes that can make the mat dirty.

Don’t forget the other floor mats inside your household.

If you can, scheduling a monthly mat laundry maintains the loofah bath mat.

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