How To Clean Windows In Car (With Video)

How to clean windows in car

How To Clean Windows In Car (With Video)

Cleaning the car should be a regular task on your list.

You don’t only deserve a smooth drive.

Your car benefits from getting a cleaning from time to time.

The car windows tend to build up dirt over time.

Since it’s an external part of the car, all outside elements accumulate in the glass.

With the right products, you don’t need to spend much time cleaning the vehicle.

Plan with the kind of products you will use.

There are many options for homemade cleaning products.

Likewise, there are many effective commercial cleaning solutions widely available.

Start by researching the information about proper glass cleaning solutions.

Afterward, apply the proper way on how to clean windows in your car.

Getting streakless glass windows

Getting windows without streaks increases the functionality of the car.

Dirty windows become a liability when you’re driving.

You might get distractions and not see signs.

Smudgy windows can stick more dirt than necessary.

You have different methods on how to clean car windows without streaks.

Avoid streaks on your window by using cleaners that make it easier.

A polished window gives you a better vision of the road.

How to clean car windows with vinegar

  1. Ensure that the vehicle is in a shady area. If you can, schedule the cleaning during cooler times of the day.
  2. Before using the cleaning solution, deal with larger gunk first. Soften hard dirt on the glass and wipe them off. You can use a soap solution to take away the dirt.
  3. Mix equal parts of distilled water and vinegar inside a container. Use distilled water only to eliminate hard water marks on dry surfaces.
  4. Prepare a clean microfiber cloth for wiping. Make sure that the cloth you will use is lint-free.
  5. Spray the vinegar cleaning solution on the glass. Wipe away the area after each spray. For more efficient cleaning, use two microfiber cloths. Wipe one after the other to guarantee that the solution is wiped off.
  6. Do this to all parts of the windows of the vehicle.

How to clean car windows with Windex

  1. Position your car under the shade or schedule window cleaning when there’s no sun.
  2. Prepare the vehicle before using Windex cleaner. If there is large dirt build-up, try to pry them away from the glass.
  3. Check for Windex Original Glass Cleaner in the local retail store. Get enough volume for your car windows.
  4. Prepare a microfiber towel or lint-free cloth. Using regular cloth might leave behind streaks.
  5. Spray the Windex on the window of your car. Wipe away the product afterward.
  6. Repeat until you finish all the windows of your vehicle.

Cleaning the inside glass windows

People tend to forget the inside of the windows frequently.

Remember, the window and windshield have two sides.

The outer part gets dirty from the outside.

However, the inside windows also attract dirt from smudges and physical contact.

The smudges contribute to foggy windows that lessen the view of the road.

Therefore, it’s just as important to clean the interior parts of the window.

How to clean car windows inside

  1. Park the vehicle under the shade. Roll up all the windows of the car.
  2. Prepare the windows first by wiping down the glass. Use a lint-free or microfiber cloth for each wipe.
  3. Spray a window cleaner on the glass after wiping off the alcohol. Use a different cloth that’s clean for wiping the car window cleaner.
  4. Repeat this step until all the insides of the window are clean.
  5. If you plan to clean the inside of the windshield, do it last. Prepare different sets of microfiber cloth. Use the same rubbing alcohol and window cleaner.
  6. If there are some missed spots inside, repeat step 3.

Car window cleaning hacks

Succeed with having smooth, shiny windows by experimenting with your methods.

There isn’t one perfect way to clean a car.

However, you have tips and tricks to help you make the most of window cleaning.

  • It’s best to clean the car during cooler weather conditions. The hot weather can contribute to streaks both inside and outside of the windows. Also, many cleaning solutions evaporate fast; you will end up with a foamy or foggy glass under the sun.
  • Use a combination of a circular motion, up-down, and side-to-side motion for wiping. Different movements can take away lint and dirt more efficiently.
  • Car prep is essential. If there are large build-ups of dirt, you need to take them out of the window. If there is dirt present, you’re more likely to spread the dirt everywhere.


Are you stuck on what to do on car cleaning day?

Don’t worry; there are a lot of efficient cleaning methods that have been proven over time.

You won’t lack helpful ways on how to clean windows in the car.

If you need an effective product during your grocery run, excellent cleaning products are available.

Windex is the choice for your window cleaning product.

They have given windows a shiny finish afterward.

If you want to experiment with more natural mixes, carefully tweak homemade solutions.

Reagents like alcohol and vinegar have great cleaning properties.

They can give your car windows a spotless gleam.

Find more useful guides and how to’s on, your everyday cleaning guide.

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