How To Clean Windows With Tint (With Tips)

How to clean windows with tint

How To Clean Windows With Tint (With Tips)

Car tints often help elevate the look of a car.

The sleek look of the vehicle is elevated with the right tint color.

The additional layer on the glass windows gives a cooler look.

The addition of privacy and sunblock helps people enjoy the ride better.

However, tint applications are one thing.

Maintaining and cleaning the tinted windows is another.

It’s essential to use the right product in cleaning tinted windows.

Use the wrong product, and the cleaning routine may do more harm than good.

There are different products available to help you on how to clean windows with tint.

There’s an even better option for car owners out there.

You can go through your home to make homemade cleaning solutions.

You don’t need to go out and buy a cleaning solution every time.

Homemade cleaner recipes

The first thing you can do is check your pantry and kitchen.

You may have some subtle stocks of products lying around.

You can research and play around with them to form your cleaning solution. Also, there are products with cleaning properties.

Modifying the ratio and amounts will help change the intensity of the solution.

Make your very own tinted window cleaner recipe.


Vinegar has always been a helpful product.

You might start thinking of putting it as a kitchen staple.

Nevertheless, there are more uses to vinegar than cooking purposes alone.

The disinfectant properties of vinegar allow for a quick kill of microbes on the glass.

By using the suitable vinegar solution, you can clean the windows of your ride.

Follow the directions on how to clean tinted windows with vinegar.

  1. Prepare white vinegar and water. Mix equal parts to form a solution. Prepare in a spray bottle.
  2. Secure the vehicle in a shady area. Sunny areas tend to dry the solution faster.
  3. Spray the solution on the tinted glass of the car.
  4. For every spray of the solution, wipe away the window using a microfiber cloth.
  5. Continue until all tinted windows are clean.


Rubbing alcohol can clean more than just your hands.

Alcohol already has disinfectant properties.

Using the proper amount of rubbing alcohol with liquid soap makes a powerful window cleaner.

Moreover, as a car owner, streakless windows leave a more polished car look.

Leftover fibers and marks from wipes way the smooth surface of the tinted glass.

Here is a guide on cleaning tinted windows with alcohol solution.

  1. Prepare rubbing alcohol, distilled water, and mild dish soap. Pour equal amounts of rubbing alcohol and distilled water. Add a few drops of the dish soap to the solution.
  2. Mix them well inside the spray bottle.
  3. Park your car in a shady area to avoid the sun.
  4. Spray the solution on the tinted window glass. For each spray of the homemade solution, wipe away using a microfiber cloth.
  5. Repeat until all parts of the glass are clean and streakless.

Windex Cleaner

Tints are very sensitive to product formulation.

Avoid using products with ammonia to maintain the color of the tint.

When you use products that contain ammonia, expect discoloration over time.

One of the most popular products in the market is Windex.

If you’re out to buy a glass cleaner, the Windex Ammonia-Free Glass Cleaner is available.

Afterward, you can use Windex on tinted windows for your tinted window cleaning session.

  1. Make sure that your car is under the shade before you start to clean.
  2. Pry away large dirt build-up on the glass. This prevents the dirt from spreading over.
  3. Apply the ammonia-free Windex solution to the tinted windows.
  4. Wipe the area with a lint-free or microfiber cloth after each spray.
  5. Repeat until all tinted areas of the windows are clean.

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

There are many window cleaning solutions in retail outlets.

You won’t have a shortage of options to choose from for the windows.

It’s best to carefully try out the products that work well for your car.

Sprayway Glass Cleaner is a commercial product for window cleaning.

One of the most common questions around is this: “Is Sprayway Glass Cleaner safe for tinted windows?”

The answer is YES.

Sprayway Glass Cleaner doesn’t contain ammonia that can ruin the tint.

Moreover, you can use Sprayway for other purposes.

It’s suitable for mirrors, home windows, and various surfaces that need cleaning.

Follow these steps on how to clean windows with tint using Sprayway.

  1. Ensure that the vehicle is in a shady area.
  2. Prepare the tinted windows first by removing visible dirt chunks on the glass.
  3. Use Sprayway Glass Cleaner, apply some product on the tinted windows.
  4. For each spray of the cleaning solution, wipe off using a microfiber cloth.
  5. Clean all surfaces of the tinted window.


Make cleaning tinted windows of your vehicle a regular event.

One way to elevate the look of a car is by having streakless glass.

Simultaneously, a safe tint comes from using the right products.

Part of how to clean windows with tint includes checking labels of products you’ll use.

Always avoid glass cleaners with ammonia as they tend to make tints more brittle.

Tint  damages will be visible over time with certain chemical components like ammonia.

Clean the windows smoothly by using homemade cleaning solutions or buying commercial products without ammonia.

Find more useful guides and how to’s on, your everyday cleaning guide.

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