Cleaning Tinted Windows With Alcohol (Incl. Helpful Tips)

Cleaning Tinted Windows With Alcohol

Cleaning Tinted Windows With Alcohol (Incl. Helpful Tips)

Proper care and maintenance are also required for one’s windows.

It is imperative that once you have applied the tints that you do this.

This will make sure that the tint films will last. As such, we are here to help you.

If you want to know how to clean tinted windows alcohol, we got your back.

Did you know that you can also learn how to clean tinted windows with vinegar?

Well, we’ll get you on track for the best cleaner for tinted windows.

Or, you can make your own tinted window cleaner recipe.

If you have a ceramic window, there are ways for that.

You can easily learn how to clean ceramic tinted windows.

Looking for the best alcohol for cleaning glass?

No problem! Read on to know more about cleaning tinted windows with alcohol.

Importance of Cleaning Tinted Windows

It is important that the windows that are tinted are given care.

In fact, it is required that you do so.

This will make sure that the tints can last for as long as possible.

Moreover, a regular cleaning routine will help maintain and improve the tint.

It will also keep the tints safe.

Cleaning the Windows Properly

Make sure that you are cleaning tinted windows properly.

As such, you need to follow the following steps:

Find a shade

It is imperative that you clean the windows away from direct sunlight.

The sunlight will dry out the cleaner fast.

Thus, making it difficult to clean the windows properly.

You should find a shady spot such as a garage to park and clean the car.

Moreover, sappy trees such as pines should be avoided.

Their sap can damage the finishing of the car.

Save the windows for last

When washing the car, make sure that you save the windows for later.

In this way, you can avoid rinsing or spraying dirt on the windows.

Moreover, if you are using an ammonia-based cleaner, make sure that it does not get on the tints.

Apply the tint-safe alcohol ahead of time for really dirty windows for easy cleaning.

Spray the alcohol

You can use alcohol or an ammonia-free cleaner on the window.

It can be applied to the window interiors and exteriors.

If you are using a cleaner or vinegar, you have to mix it in a bucket first.

For this, check the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

If you don’t want to miss any dirt, wipe the windows differently, such as horizontally or vertically.

Moreover, go across the edges of the tint film by using a damp cloth.

Then, follow it up with a dry cloth to dry the edges.

This will also prevent the cleaner from seeping under the film.

You can use a microfiber cloth for this. Remember to use another cloth for drying.

Use a bucket of water

For extremely dirty windows, a bucket of water is a must.

You should rinse the cleaning cloth in water.

This will prevent the spread of dirt around the windows.

Make sure that you exercise care to avoid getting the edges of the tinting too wet.

The film can peel away if the moisture ever gets under the tint.

Hence, caution should be observed.

Moreover, you should use distilled water instead of tap water.

The latter can leave white spots on the windows.

Inspect for any missed spots

You should look closely for any missed spots.

Do this for both the inside and outside of the car.

Moreover, you should change your viewing angle.

Take a few steps back and see if there are spots left.

Hence, if you notice any missed spots, spray the alcohol or cleaner on the cloth.

Then, have the spot wiped.

After that, simply buff it dry with another cloth.

Remedy for Imperfections

If there are bubbles on the tinted window, there is a solution for that.

Simply use a plastic card that is wrapped in a microfiber cloth.

Gently push these bubbles to the edge.

Then, utilize a fine-point needle to make a small hole in the bubble.

Then, have the air released that is trapped under the tint of the car.

Substance to Avoid

If you are planning to clean your tinted windows with your own cleaner, avoid these:


Cleaners that have ammonia in them must be avoided.

They can cause the tint film to dry, brittle, and become imperfect.

Thus, it can reduce the darkness of the tint.

Abrasive Materials

Never use any abrasive drying or scrubbing materials. This will damage the tint films.

These can include paper towels, newspapers, and scouring pads.

Razor Blades

Materials with shard edges should likewise be avoided.

Others might use razor blades to smoothen out bubbles in their window.

However, this is not recommended. Just use a plastic card wrapped in cloth.

Find more useful guides and how to’s on, your everyday cleaning guide.

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