How To Clean Airpods For Better Sound (Do This!)

How To Clean Airpods For Better Sound

How To Clean Airpods For Better Sound (Do This!)

Ever since AirPods hit the markets, there are scarcely any negative reviews around.

They are instant success even among those who are not Apple users.

They are undeniably one of the hottest products around.

However, as time went on, complaints about its sound started coming out too.

These complaints are usually about its sound quality.

However, the reasons behind this could be dirt and ear wax buildup.

Hence, all you need is some proper cleaning.

Good quality AirPods are those that are always clean.

If you want to keep them in good condition, clean them every day.

That’s how you can ensure that the sound your AirPods make is still crystal clear.

There is an Airpod Cleaning Kit available for this.

Moreover, you can also try DIY cleaning methods.

These methods are easy, too.

They can allow you to remove what’s blocking or interfering with your music or calls.

Plus, preventive measures certainly cannot hurt.

They only preserve the sound quality of your AirPods more.

Because cleaning is most often overlooked, some simple methods are provided in this article.

If you are looking for ways on how to clean airpods microphone, you’re in luck.

More so if you are complaining that one of my airpods is quieter than the other.

We got your back in this article. Here are some tips on how to clean airpods for better sound:

How to Clean and Restore Sound Quality

One of the biggest yet common causes of decreased sound quality is ear wax.

The buildup of this dirt is very common.

Those who have been using the device for months could have wax clogging up the speakers.

Thus, it can cause the volume and sound quality to be less powerful.

On how to clean airpods pro for better sound, follow these steps:

Use Organic Solvent

For the first step, simply make use of an organic solvent to clean the AirPods.

These solvents should be partnered with cotton swabs or Q-tips.

Simply have these cotton swabs dipped into an organic solvent such as alcohol.

Use the Swab to Clean the Speaker

Make use of the swab to wipe off the visible particles found on the speaker.

Make sure that you do not force anything into any openings.

Simply dab on lightly in order to loosen the ear wax that has built up.

Have it thoroughly cleaned and repeat when necessary.

Use the Swab to Clean Microphone

After the steps above have been done, proceed to the microphone.

Utilize the swap to wipe out the open holes on your AirPods.

Remember though, you must exercise care so as not to damage the holes.

Test Your AirPods

For problems with why are my airpods so quiet all of a sudden, simply clean them.

Follow the steps above and then test them.

You will find that once they are clean, the volume is normal again.

Moreover, there is a noticeable difference in the quality of the audio as well as the volume.

This is because the earwax build-up has been wiped off from the speakers.

However, if no difference is found, there might be physical damage.

This is most often the case with airpods volume low after cleaning.

Prevent Build-Up of Ear Wax

It is entirely possible to have the earwax build up once again.

This scenario is possible even after cleaning.

Hence, you need to prevent or minimize the possibility.

In order to do that, just follow the steps below.

Wipe Your AirPods Frequently

It is recommended that you wipe the AirPods after every use.

This will prevent any build-up of ear wax, dirt, or grime.

As they say, prevention is better than cure.

This means that you should start practicing this step.

Don’t Sleep With Dirty AirPods

Sleeping with an earwax build-up in your ears or AirPods is bad news.

You should, therefore, clean them as soon as you can.

If not, this can cause low volume.

Moreover, they can get dirtier if you wear them overnight.

Keep Them Protected

AirPods are expensive and can be very fragile.

As such, you should keep them in the case or else protected when not in use.

This way, you can prevent physical damage and more dirt from contacting them.

Remember to learn how to clean airpods for better sound to keep the quality.

AirPods Decibels?

Sound quality is indeed the reason why most people purchase AirPods.

As such, it is only natural that we keep our AirPods clean.

However, bad sound quality does not necessarily constitute dirty AirPods.

The iOS 13 is equipped with a headphone decibel meter.

This meter can measure the level of loudness of the device.

As such, it can provide listening levels that are average.

It is also sorted by day and type of headphone, along with a decibel level at real-time.

However, if you cannot detect the volume, there might be some blockage.

Find more useful guides and how to’s on, your everyday cleaning guide.

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