How To Clean Inside Of Airpods Case (Incl. Helpful Tips)

How To Clean Inside Of Airpods Case

How To Clean Inside Of Airpods Case (Incl. Helpful Tips)

Airpods are wireless audio devices from the Apple brand.

Users often focus on cleaning the Airpods pair only and neglect the case.

If you want to keep the case sleek and sanitary, cleaning it is equally important.

When you clean the Airpods, why not include the Airpods case?

It’s easy and doesn’t take as much time as you think.

There are easy and simple ways to clean the Airpods case.

You don’t need to spend a big amount to get a clean case.

Learn how to clean inside of Airpods case to keep your Airpods set clean.

This way, you avoid dirt from settling, and you maintain the hygiene of your device.

Cleaning products and items

As you search out the perfect cleaning product, don’t look anywhere else.

You can find the cleaning items you need inside your home.

Search your room for some of these personal cleaning articles.

Distilled water

The most basic cleaning solution is distilled water.

Water is beneficial for sensitive items like the Airpods case.

If you have never cleaned the inside of the case, prepare for dirt build-up inside.

The distilled water can help soften and take out the grime inside.

Alcohol solution

Alcohol solution helps in getting rid of pathogens and microorganisms.

You may often wear your Airpods without giving the pair a regular cleaning.

Whatever dirt lands on the Airpods, e.g., earwax, gets in the case as well.

The alcohol solution softens the dirt and disinfects the case.

Airpods cleaning kit

If you want a cleaning set for the Airpods, Airpods cleaning kits are for you.

The retailed kits include all things you need.

You can clean the case efficiently with a cleaning solution, cotton buds, wipes, and brushes.

Cotton buds

The Q-tips, cotton tips, or cotton buds are helpful for narrow spaces.

The Airpods case has a narrow opening where the Airpods charge.

As a result, it is the least accessible space inside the case.

Good news! You don’t need to pry open the Airpods case, potentially damaging it completely.

Use cotton buds to loosen the dirt on top of the charging docks.

Cotton pads

Cotton pads are best for absorbing liquids and drying off the case.

When you clean the outer parts of the case, cotton works fine.


Use a lint-free cloth to keep the inside of the case free from any obstruction.

Using cotton for the inside of the case may leave some cotton trail and build-up. In its place, use a lint-free cloth.

Soft-bristled brush

Some dirt and grime are hard to soften and take out. This is where a soft-bristled brush comes in.

The narrow yet sturdy build of these items can help take out dirt properly.

How to clean Airpods case without alcohol

1. Prepare some cotton buds and a soft-bristled brush.

2. Remove the Airpods pair from the Airpods case. Inspect the Airpods case first before starting the cleaning session.

3. Swipe the cotton buds around the inside of the Airpods case. Start with the Airpods case lid first. Wipe both sides (L and R) until there is no dirt present.

NOTE: Ensure that the charging sources and openings are dry. The inside of the case should remain dry to avoid corroding the device.

4. For the narrow charging docks, use a new cotton bud.

TIP: Inspect the narrow space with a flashlight. If there is stubborn dirt, use a soft-bristled brush and gently pry the charging dock.

How to clean Airpods microphone

1. Prepare some cotton buds and a soft-bristled brush.

2. Take out the Airpods pair from the case. Inspect both Airpods, particularly the microphone area.

NOTE: The mesh area under the stem of the device is the microphone.

3. Wipe the microphone mesh with a cotton bud. Use a soft-bristled brush if there is stubborn dirt build-up.

4. Do this for both sides of the Airpods.

How to clean Airpods earwax

1. Prepare distilled water, cotton buds, and a soft-bristled brush.

2. Take both Airpods out of the case. Inspect both pieces before cleaning.

3. Swipe the cotton buds around the Airpods mesh. Take out as much earwax build-up as possible.

NOTE: For Airpods Pro devices, take out the ear tips for cleaning. Since the ear tips directly touch the ears, this is where the earwax will build up.

4. For stubborn earwax, use a soft-bristled brush to pry the earwax from the mesh.

NOTE: For Airpods Pro, clean the ear tips under running water.

5. Dampen a clean cotton bud with water. Squeeze the cotton bud and wipe across the outer parts of the Airpods and the Airpods Pro.

NOTE: Avoid wiping the damp cotton buds in the mesh openings of the Airpods. Avoid the charging dock and the openings of the Airpods case as well.

6. Wait for the Airpods to dry before use.


Airpods users put these wireless devices in their ears.

Hygiene ensures that these gadgets are safe for use.

Choose from the various ways on how to clean inside of Airpod case.

Just make sure that you don’t dampen the openings of the case and the ear pieces.

Find more useful guides and how to’s on, your everyday cleaning guide.

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