How To Clean Really Dirty Airpods (Complete Guide)

How To Clean Black Marks On Airpods Case

How To Clean Really Dirty Airpods (Complete Guide)

AirPods can get dirty over time.

However, there are methods in cleaning them as well as their case.

Furthermore, there are ways on how to clean airpods at home.

An airpods cleaning kit is also easy to make with some household materials.

Learning how to clean airpods case inside is also possible with some easy methods.

If the microphone has been clogged, there is also how to clean airpods microphone.

If you want methods on how to clean airpods with hydrogen peroxide, we got your back.

This article will tell you how to clean really dirty airpods, so read on!

Toothbrush or Lint-Free Cloth

Using either of these two, gently scrape off the dirt.

You can also make use of an alternative mini hair dye brush.

This method is best for issues with functionality with your AirPods.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes can also be used if you have them in hand.

They are excellent for cleaning as well as disinfecting.

Simply scrub the dirt off the speaker or mesh using these wipes.

Microfiber Cloth

As a user who only acts when something no longer works right, this one is for you.

A sophisticated approach like using microfiber cloth might work.

Simply clean your AirPods using such cloth.

Then, utilize an anti-static brush to dig deeper into the dirty areas.

The speaker screens as well as the seams can also build dirt.

Brush gently these parts in one direction.

Avoid brushing back and forth.

This will push the dirt and the wax inside the screens. Remember to take one direction only.

You can also make use of these methods on your other wireless devices.

Simply listen to the sound quality of your pods.

Then, repeat the cleaning process if it is necessary.

Also, if you do not have an anti-static brush, there is an alternative.

Simply use a soft and new toothbrush to brush the wax and dirt gently.

Just remember not to brush back and forth.

Again, there should only be one direction.

Organic Solvent

For the first step, simply make use of an organic solvent to clean the AirPods.

These solvents should be partnered with cotton swabs or Q-tips.

Simply have these cotton swabs dipped into an organic solvent such as alcohol.

Swab to Clean the Speaker

Make use of the swab to wipe off the visible particles found on the speaker.

Make sure that you do not force anything into any openings.

Simply dab on lightly in order to loosen the ear wax that has built up.

Have it thoroughly cleaned and repeat when necessary.

Swab to Clean Microphone

After the steps above have been done, proceed to the microphone.

Utilize the swap to wipe out the open holes on your AirPods.

Remember though, you must exercise care so as not to damage the holes.

Hydrogen Peroxide

In order to clean the dirt buildup in your Airpods, simply grab a toothpick.

Then, have the dust and ear wax and other dirt scraped off.

Do this from the edges of the speaker grill of the device.

However, remember to avoid poking the mesh too hard.

Then, simply pat the AirPods gently using your fingers.

Keep the speaker grill down in order to have the dirt and gunk released.

Once that has been done, pour several drops of hydrogen peroxide onto a bowl.

Place some cotton tips on it as well.

Then, wipe the speaker mesh gently.

Do this for the edges as well by means of the cotton tips.

Afterward, dry the mesh and its side hole for about three to five minutes.

If you are using a hairdryer, it must be in a cold setting.

You can then pat the AirPods again and wipe them using a cloth.

Precautions on Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Before you attempt to make use of the hydrogen peroxide, remember to follow the precautions.

On how to clean airpods pro mesh, it is best to be safe.

You must always remember to wear protective gear.

These are rubber gloves, goggles, face masks, and full-sleeved clothing.

This is to prevent the side effects caused by hydrogen peroxide.

Furthermore, you should not pour the substance along with any other liquid on the device directly.

Your children and pets should also be kept away from the area.

Wipe Your AirPods

It is recommended that you wipe the AirPods after every use.

This will prevent any build-up of ear wax, dirt, or grime.

As they say, prevention is better than cure.

This means that you should start practicing this step.

Don’t Sleep With Dirty AirPods

Sleeping with an earwax build-up in your ears or AirPods is bad news.

You should, therefore, clean them as soon as you can.

If not, this can cause low volume.

Moreover, they can get dirtier if you wear them overnight.

Protection is A Must

AirPods are expensive and can be very fragile.

As such, you should keep them in the case or else protected when not in use.

This way, you can prevent physical damage and more dirt from contacting them.

Find more useful guides and how to’s on, your everyday cleaning guide.

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