How To Clean Dried Vomit From Carpet (With Tips!)

How to Clean Carpet from Vomit

How To Clean Dried Vomit From Carpet (With Tips!)

There are many messy situations that you can quickly resolve on the carpet.

Whether it’s accumulating dust or a spill, rush to the kitchen to get cleaning supplies.

Afterward, make sure to apply effective cleaning tricks to the mess.

When you are satisfied, you have a clean carpet! However, that’s not the case when you have dried vomit on the carpet.

Often, the vomit comes from unintentional causes, and you have no idea about it.

Did your pet become unwell and suddenly unloaded on the carpet when you weren’t around?

Did somebody dry out their puke from a sudden night of hard liquor? You will never know.

Whatever the reason is, it’s best if you clean the carpet at once.

Even with the unpleasant situation going on, there are many remedies available.

The stench doesn’t need to last in your room forever.

Let this guide help you on how to clean dried vomit from carpet.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a fantastic stain remover everywhere.

It works on the toughest stains, so expect your carpet to be back soon.

Moreover, it’s also an effective deodorizer.

Learn how to get the vomit smell out of the carpet with baking soda efficiently.

Follow these steps:

  1. Wear a pair of disposable gloves to clean the carpet.
  2. Prepare warm water to soak the stained area. Set aside the baking soda for cleaning.
  3. Dampen the area to loosen the stains and residue. Don’t spread the water to other unaffected areas. Focus on the vomited area only.
  4. Sprinkle some baking soda on top of the damp area.
  5. Leave the carpet for a few hours for the baking soda to work.
    TIP: If necessary, do a second layer of baking soda. The stronger the stains are, the more time it needs to clean the carpet.
  6. Vacuum dry the carpet to remove the baking soda.


Another popular cleaning agent is vinegar.

With cleaning and antifungal properties, you’ll get a restored carpet over time.

Use vinegar as an alternative to baking soda if you don’t have any available.

Know how to get vomit out of carpet without baking soda.

Follow these steps:

  1. Wear a pair of disposable gloves. This avoids spreading the dried vomit when you dampen the carpet.
  2. Prepare necessary things. Get vinegar, water, a lot of clean towels, and a vacuum.
  3. Create a vinegar solution. Inside a small spray bottle, prepare water and vinegar solution.
    TIP: Adjust the parts accordingly. Since vinegar is strong, it’s best to dilute it first in the water. You can start with 3 parts water and 1 part vinegar.
  4. Spray the dried vomit on the carpet. Blot the area with clean towels after residue and stains start to loosen up.
    TIP: If you don’t have enough towels, use paper towels. However, be careful as the paper towel may leave paper bits on the damp areas.
  5. Repeat the steps as necessary.
  6. Vacuum dry the affected areas of the carpet.

Combination of cleaning agents

Sometimes, you need a little bit of everything for the job.

All cleaning agents have a strength that can work on the carpet rug vomit.

You can certainly do this to clean dog vomit.

Know how to clean dog vomit from wool rug and never leave your carpet alone.

Follow these steps:

  1. Wear disposable gloves for the cleaning session.
  2. Prepare baking soda, dishwashing soap, and vinegar. Make sure to get detergent that doesn’t have bleaching powers. Set aside clean towels, paper towels, and a soft brush.
  3. Create a cleaning solution. Mix baking soda, soap, and vinegar in a container.
  4. Blot the dried vomit with the cleaning solution. Brush the area gently to pry the dried residue and stains on the carpet.
  5. Clean the area with clean water and wipe away with a clean towel.
  6. Dry with vacuum or any dryer. Repeat the steps if there are still stains, residue, or odor in the carpet.

Best carpet cleaner for cat vomit

No matter the source of the pet stains, it helps to have stock available.

Get the best cleaners for cat vomit and stains.

Consider multipurpose products that also work for various kinds of pets.

When you learn how to clean up dog vomit on carpet, you have ready supplies.

There are many products available for sale.

Multipurpose pet stains cleaner and cleaning solutions are available.

Ensure that you get a suitable cleaner for the carpet.

Avoid cleaners that are very strong and fade the color in your carpet.

If you want more natural cleaners, always stock the necessities aside.

It always works to have white distilled vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap.

If you want to restore the smell, you can try citrus fruits for the foul odor. Expect zesty and tangy smells on the carpet upon drying.


Cleaning dried vomit stains can be one of the most disgusting things you’ll ever do.

However, it’s necessary if you want to maintain your property.

Dry vomit has a foul odor that builds over time, along with other dirt and stains.

Keep your rugs and carpets clean.

There are many ways you can explore to make the carpets clean.

Learning how to clean dried vomit in the carpet is just the start.

Happy cleaning and stay sanitary!

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