How To Clean Carpets Without A Machine

How to Clean Carpets Without a Machine

How To Clean Carpets Without A Machine

Most homeowners use a vacuum in cleaning carpets.

But, are you interested in knowing alternatives?

Perhaps your children hate vacuum noises, and then consider changing your cleaner material.

If you do not own a vacuum, then knowing these alternatives can be useful.

Here are six things that you can choose from:

Steam Mopping

One of the to-do things in cleaning carpets is to use steam.

Steam mopping is a good way of deep cleaning your carpets and rags.

Steam vapors are great killers of pathogens and germs in a span of five seconds.

Steams also kill dust mites because of the heat.

You can also add on the list the elimination of adult and larvae fleas.

Use water during the process of mopping.

Water is non-toxic and safe for everyone.

Since water reaches up to 55 degrees Celsius, it is important to control it.

How to dry clean carpet at home is no longer an issue.

Removing Stains and Spills

Removing stains and spills can take up a few hours if done wrong.

For emergencies, you can use baking soda for this matter.

Baking soda is inexpensive and easy to use.

Then, how do you clean the carpet with baking soda without a machine?

Baking soda can be a good deodorizer and is able to remove stains.

First, Sprinkle baking soda onto the carpet and leave it for about three hours.

You can use a brush to remove it.

For fresh spills, dab it with warm water and sprinkle it with baking soda.

Do not rub your carpet to avoid letting the enzymes into the fibers.

Remember to test your carpets before deciding to use it on larger stained areas.

Avoid causing damage because of the wrong material.

Carpet Washing

You need a brush in revolving dirt and dust.

For deep cleaning, you can start washing your carpets with water and soap.

This way, you can restore its original color.

Washing can help deodorize and kill all bacterias present in the carpet.

Of course, there are laundry shops who offer carpet washing.

But not all carpets need extensive chemicals to get cleaned.

There is a possibility that the ingredients can cause damage to the carpets.

It is ideal to use the right amount of powder or detergents.

You can use a mild detergent in doing so.

Also, there is another DIY cleaner agent that can clean all stains.

Vinegar is a good stain remover.

It is 5 percent acetic acid which can eliminate germs and the likes.

Vinegar can destroy bacterias like E-coli.

To end, vinegar is a good neutralizer.

Thus, it is safe and is available at your own homes.

Remember to dilute the vinegar thoroughly into the water.

Failure to do so can make your carpets lose color.

Also, carpets made from wool, fiber and silk are not compatible with vinegar.

Another tip, be sure that your carpets are dry before using it.

A damp carpet will be subject to dirt and foul smells.

Washing carpets can be a hard thing to do.

Yet, DIY carpet cleaning is an easy job with the right process and detergent.

Packaging Tape for Carpet Cleaning

You might be wondering why this material can be a great tool in cleaning your carpets.

Yes, this is an easy way to clean carpets by hand.

If you spot hairs, pets and humans, you can remove it by pasting a packaging tape.

Its adhesive capabilities are able to remove hairs and dust.

Thus, this tool is already available at home which makes the cleaning a lot easier.

Of course, this trick is only applicable on small carpets.

Yet, it is a quick method to use to spot hairs and dirt.

Also, avoid leaving it pasted on the carpet for a long time.

Leaving it might destroy your carpet’s alignment and design.

Sweeper for Carpets

This is an alternative tool for vacuum.

How to clean carpet without a machine? Use a carpet sweeper.

Carpet sweeper is ideal for a family with young children.

Too much exposure to chemicals can cause health risks to your children and pets.

Yet, this is loud which may disturb and scare your children.

It doesn’t need electricity to function.

It has rollers and brushes on the bases which can clean your carpets thoroughly.

As you move your sweepers, the brushes move along the carpet and remove all dirts.

You can use this tool in cleaning carpets and other home decor.

It is convenient and easy to maneuver.

Broom and Dustpan

The easiest and cheapest way of cleaning carpets is to use a broom and dustpan.

It is an old item cleaner tool but the safest one.

Brush your carpets in a one-sided direction.

Sweep all debris in one area.

This way, your job at cleaning will be easier.

It is efficient to use a natural bristle brush.

They are stiffer and better at loosening dirt holds.

Now, cleaning carpets will longer be an issue.

Find more useful guides and how to’s on, your everyday cleaning guide.

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