How To Clean Coils On A Whirlpool Refrigerator

How To Clean Coils On A Whirlpool Refrigerator

How To Clean Coils On A Whirlpool Refrigerator

Refrigerators are one of the essential appliances in any household.

With perishable goods in chilling storage, a fridge does an important job daily.

Without proper refrigeration, most of your food stocks won’t last a week.

The key to a long-lasting refrigerator is cleaning and maintenance.

As much as you use the fridge, it’s best to maintain it as well.

Take apart the refrigerator and clean all the parts that need sanitation.

You will have access to one of the vital systems of the fridge: the condenser coils.

For all Whirlpool fridge owners, know how to clean the coils on a Whirlpool refrigerator.

This way, you can keep your fridge for a long time in good condition.

The dysfunction of the condenser coils leads to tons of food spoilage and higher electricity.

The function of the coils

If you’re new to getting a fridge, you may not know what condenser coils are.

The condenser coils are black coils located outside the refrigerator.

In many refrigerators, the entire backside contains condenser coils.

In other fridges, the coils are at the bottom space of the appliance.

Fridges use a heat-exchange process to keep the insides cool.

The condenser coils condense the “hot” vapor that comes from evaporator coils.

Condenser coils are responsible for circulating the refrigerant inside the fridge.

The vapor enters the coils, and the coils condense the vapor.

Then, the vapor turns into a liquid condensate and releases heat energy.

As a result, the backside of the fridge gets hot from the process.

The liquid condensate goes through the expansion valve.

Next, it goes inside the fridge as cool vapor again.

This results in a cool vapor that keeps the fridge chill.

Without proper cleaning, the coils can gain a lot of dirt over time.

The lack of efficient heat release results from a dirt clog and build-up.

Lesson: Learn how to clean coils on a Whirlpool refrigerator to keep an efficient fridge function.

Regular cleaning will lower power costs from inefficient processes.

How to clean coils under refrigerator

For Whirlpool models of French door refrigerators, the coils are at the bottom.

You can’t clean the coils properly without accessing the bottom part of the fridge.

Moreover, water dispensers are typical for these fridge models.

1. Turn off the entire fridge and unplug the appliance from the power source.

2. Empty the fridge before getting to work. Keep all food, liquids, and items out of the Whirlpool refrigerator.

NOTE: Drain the water dispenser of water to prevent leaking later.

3. Remove the bottom panel of the refrigerator. This should allow access to the coils under the fridge.

TIP: It would be best to do this with somebody else. Get another person to help you clean the coils. The other person needs to tilt the fridge towards the back. Then, you can see the coils underneath.

4. Clean all the coils at the bottom. A brush helps you sift through the dirt within the coils. Remove all the dirt and dust build-up within the coils.

TIP: If you have a vacuum cleaner, it’s best to use it to clean the coils. This will allow you to blow away the smallest particles within the coils.

NOTE: Whirlpool has a maintenance brush to clean the coil. It’s separate from the refrigerator itself.

5. Return the panel cover of the coils. Double-check the bottom of the fridge. Ensure that the panel is tight and back to its place.

6. Power on the fridge again and return the food stocks inside.

Homemade refrigerator coil cleaner

Is it possible to clean the coils with an effective cleaner? The answer is YES!

If you’re not satisfied with the brushing and vacuum, it’s time to try something else.

You can prepare some cleaning solutions to remove the dirt and stains in the coils.

Vinegar and alcohol solution for coil cleaning

1. Get a spray bottle for the solution.

2. Mix some alcohol and vinegar inside the spray bottle.

3. Add warm water to fill the bottle.

4. Shake the spray bottle until the solution mixes well.

5. For all the tough dirt and stains, spray the cleaning solution. Allow it to sit for a while as it works on cleaning the coils.

6. Wipe the coils afterward to dry the area.

Baking soda for stubborn stains

Sometimes, some stains don’t go away fast. This is where the baking soda comes in.

1. Sprinkle some baking soda on the stubborn stains.

2. Afterward, spray the vinegar and alcohol solution on the baking soda.

3. Repeat the steps if there are persisting stains present.


It’s high time to schedule regular coil cleaning in your calendar.

The breakdown of the coils can ultimately mean you need a new refrigerator.

Food needs constant refrigeration and proper storage to be safe and of good quality.

If you want to keep your Whirlpool fridge for a long time, maintenance is necessary.

Figure out more ways on how to clean the coils on a Whirlpool refrigerator.

In the long run, frequent cleaning can prolong the lifespan of your fridge.

You don’t need to buy a new fridge every year because of damage.

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