How To Clean Stove Grates (Incl. Helpful Tips)

How to Clean Stove Grates

How To Clean Stove Grates (Incl. Helpful Tips)

Almost every homeowner is guilty of leaving out the stove grates when cleaning the stovetop.

They usually only just clean the surface and visible dirt.

If you’re guilty of committing such a mistake, you may now have greasy and gunky stove grates.

This article will provide you information about how to clean stove grates.

There are various methods you can utilize to get rid of the oil and food residue on your cooktop.

How To Clean Stove Grates With Vinegar

White vinegar is one of the most widely used household cleaning products.

It is a staple in the kitchen, so you have no excuse to not clean your stove grates.

The affordability, availability, and effectiveness of vinegar make it a good cleaning agent to remove stove grate grease.

In this method, we will show you the steps on how to clean your stove grates with vinegar.

  1. Make sure that your stove burners are completely cool before you remove the grates.
  2. Prepare a basin filled with one part water and one part vinegar. Completely submerge the grates in the solution.
  3. Leave the stove grates there for about half an hour.
  4. Take the grates out and rinse them using running water.
  5. Let them dry before reassembling them on your stove.
  6. Apply baking soda paste if there are tough dirt and grime on your stove grate.

How To Clean Stove Top Grates With Baking Soda

Another method that is also effective and budget-friendly is cleaning using baking soda.

Together with water, you can create a paste that can remove tough and thick stains.

Vinegar and baking soda are both safe and environmentally-friendly.

White vinegar is effective in degreasing your stove grates.

On the other hand, baking soda works best in removing hardened food particles.

  1. Let your stove burners cool before you remove the top grates. Simply lift the apparatus to take it out of the stovetop.
  2. Clean your stove grates like you normally would. Soak it in hot water with liquid detergent or vinegar. Let it sit for around 10-20 minutes.
  3. While the grates are submerged, create your baking soda paste. Mix three parts baking soda and one part water. Set the mixture aside.
  4. Take the stove grates out of the soapy water and brush them lightly. Afterward, coat stubborn burnt-on food and grime with baking soda. Leave the coating on for about half an hour.
  5. Scrub and rinse your stove grates with warm water.
  6. Let them dry before placing them back on your stovetop.
  7. If there is still hard food residue on them, repeat the process until you get rid of everything.

How To Clean Stove Grates With Ammonia

Because of the high volatility of ammonia, they easily evaporate at room temperature.

The fumes resulting from the evaporation clean your grate in just a few hours.

The use of ammonia to clean your stove grates is quick and effortless.

  1. As usual, allow your burners to cool before you remove your stove grates.
  2. Place the grates in a large ziplock or plastic bag together with about two cups of ammonia. You don’t need to submerge the entire stove grates. After all, the fumes are responsible for cleaning.
  3. Make sure that there are no holes or gaps where the fumes can escape.
  4. Let your stove grates soak in the ammonia fumes for approximately 10-12 hours.
  5. After which, remove them from the bag and rinse with water. Any dirt or grease should be gone by now. If not, scrub your grates gently to remove the remaining gunk.

How To Keep Gas Stove Grates Black

Stove grates are usually black to conceal baked-on food on their surfaces.

However, improper cleaning may cause your grates to discolor or become scratched.

In this part, we will teach you how to keep your gas stove grates black.

  1. Regularly clean your stove grates. You can use any of the methods mentioned above to remove grease and stubborn stains on your grates. Namely, you can use vinegar, baking soda, or ammonia to clean your grates.
  2. If you plan to scrub your stove grates, avoid using abrasive cleaning tools. Only use soft-bristled brushes or toothbrushes to remove baked-on food.

Now, to show you how to restore your stove grates if it’s scratched or discolored.

  1. Let your burners and stove grates cool, and then remove them.
  2. Clean your stove grates first. You can use dishwashing liquid, vinegar, baking soda, or ammonia. Degrease them and remove unwanted grime and hardened food.
  3. Rinse and let the grates dry.
  4. Cover your work area with newspapers to make cleaning up easier. Place the stove grates over the newspaper.
  5. Spray evenly high-temperature stove paint on your stove grates. Choose the color that best matches your grates. This should coat any patchiness on your grate surface.
  6. Let the paint dry before placing them back on your stovetop.

If you haven’t cleaned your stove grates yet, this is your sign to do it.

Clean your grates now to restore their condition and make them like-new.

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