How To Clean Oven Racks (With Tips)

How to Clean Oven Racks

How To Clean Oven Racks (With Tips)

Most homeowners don’t mind the first spill or two on oven racks because they’re still relatively clean.

Over time, these accumulated food spills and splatters will turn the once-shiny metal, dull and grimy.

Oven racks are subjected to being covered with burnt-on grease and charred food bits.

Usually, this occurs if you haven’t checked on them in a while.

Unfortunately, this accumulated grime must therefore be manually cleaned for the best results.

In this article, we will show you how to clean oven racks using simple yet effective methods.

Read on and learn how to maintain your kitchen appliances in tip-top condition.

Excellent Oven Rack Cleaning Hack

Most of the time, burned-on gunk on oven racks can be difficult to remove.

However, cleaning your appliance will depend on the materials you have on hand.

There are a few simple ways to clean your oven racks that do not require too much effort.

Ammonia, dryer sheets, dish soap, or a commercial cleaner, can be used to remove the grime.

Whatever method you use, restoring your oven racks is as simple as following a few simple steps. Here’s how:

Cleaning with dryer sheets and dish soap

Usually, this method takes place in the bathtub.

So cleaning up after you’ve cleaned the oven racks is a breeze.

So, here’s how to clean oven racks with dryer sheets with dish soap.

Cleaning your oven racks is as simple as lining your bathtub with dryer sheets.

First, fill the tub halfway with warm water and add a half-cup of dish soap.

Place the oven racks on top of the sheets.

Leave the oven racks soaked overnight.

Then, drain the tub and wipe the racks clean with the soaked dryer sheets the next day.

The dryer sheet’s antistatic power aids in the separation of the food from the racks by diluting the bond.

The dish soap fabric softens the baked-on food.

Baking soda and vinegar

If you don’t mind getting your tub dirty, this is the best way to clean the oven racks.

  • Place the racks in the tub with no water
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the racks
  • Then douse them with vinegar

After the foaming has stopped, fill the tub with hot water until it completely covers the racks.

Then, leave them to soak overnight.

In the morning, scrub the racks with an old dishtowel to remove the grease and grime.

To help remove any remaining baked-on gunk, use an old toothbrush or a brush with firm bristles.

To make a more abrasive scrubbing system particularly stubborn spots, add kosher salt.

After that, rinse the racks thoroughly before returning them to the oven.

Ammonia and trash bags

When you do this method, always proceed with caution.

This is a common “no-mess” method, but it is also the most dangerous.

What you’ll need:

  • Large plastic trash bag
  • Ammonia
  • Trash bin
  • Outside Location (where the racks can be left overnight)
  • Hose connected to the faucet

To remove the grime from your oven racks, simply place the racks in a large, unused trash bag.

Pour in a half-quart of ammonia.

Then, place the bag in a garbage can after tightly tying it off.

Leave the racks soaked overnight.

You don’t need to coat the racks with ammonia because the fumes will circulate and do the job.

For better results, lay the racks flat in the plastic bag.

Make sure to tightly seal the bags so that the ammonia does not leak out.

Also, keep the garbage can outside so that these dangerous fumes do not circulate inside your home.

Open the trash bag the next day in a well-ventilated area.

Using a hose, spray the racks thoroughly and check if the grime has dissolved right away.

Pace the racks back in the oven after they have been rinsed and dried.

CAUTION: Keep away from the fumes released by the bag.

Avoid inhaling any odors or fumes.

Wear gloves and safety goggles.

In addition, wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Cleaning oven racks with dish soap

For this method, you’re going to use your dishwasher powder, some towels, old sponges, and a large washing area.

To prevent the oven racks from scratching or damaging your tub, place some sponges in the corners.

Then, place the oven racks carefully in your bathtub, on top of the towel or sponges.

  • Fill your tub halfway with hot water, just enough to cover the racks.
  • After that, add a cup of dishwasher powder. Allow the racks to soak overnight.
  • Rinse the racks in the morning. Usually, a firm rub of a sponge or clean cloth will remove the stains.

For hard stains, try something more abrasive, such as a dish scourer.

When cleaning an oven rack with an enamel finish, avoid applying too much pressure.

Also, do not expose the racks to the product for an extended period of time.

Scrub the corners and completely remove old scorch marks with an old toothbrush.

Then, rinse thoroughly, dry, and place the racks back in the oven.

Using commercial cleaners to clean oven racks

Most commercial oven cleaners emit toxic fumes. So if you intend to use one, clean the racks outside in a well-ventilated area. Here’s how:

  • First, cover your working surface with plastic cover or with newspaper.
  • Next, arrange the oven racks in separate layers.
  • Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. Then, spray an oven cleaner product onto both sides of the racks.
  • Leave the cleaning solution to sit for at least 10 minutes. Or, for as long as the product specifies.
  • Before placing back the racks, scrub them with an old rag or toothbrush. And, thoroughly rinse them with a garden hose.

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