How To Clean Microwave Stains (Incl. Helpful Tips!)

How to Clean Microwave Stains

How To Clean Microwave Stains (Incl. Helpful Tips!)

Microwaves may be one of the most stubborn appliances to clean. The problem doesn’t lie in the presence of stains alone.

Things become more serious when you involve food. For every food preparation and cooking you do, it’s non-negotiable to use sanitary items.

It’s necessary to handle food with disinfected utensils and sanitary hands. People directly place food on their mouths going straight inside the body.

If you don’t want to risk any pathogens on your dishes, clean the microwave.

Luckily, there are plenty of effective ways on how to clean microwave stains. Before you put in your next microwaveable container for lunch, let’s clean the microwave first.

Microwave stains

In essence, all food dishes have the potential to stain the microwave. Without cleaning maintenance, these stains will accumulate inside the microwave.

Moreover, the smell of the microwave worsens over time. You’re not only battling discolorations but also odors that are difficult to remove.

Burning stains

When you leave your popcorn too long, you may experience burning in the microwave. Burnt stains in the microwave are very dark, ranging from black to dark brown.

Yellow stains

Sometimes, when you leave stains for a long time, it leaves a color. The yellow stains can become permanent yellow stains from the microwave.

These stains may need a deeper cleaning to remove the discoloration on the surface.

Oil-based stains

Oily dishes may end up spilling or splashing droplets in the microwave.

Have you ever left a dish for a while and returning to a mess after? Sometimes, some containers don’t have covers and end up splashing oil droplets inside.

Oil stains can vary in color, but they are the same in one thing: you need to clean these stains immediately.

Water-based stains

Spills are normal inside the microwave. Water droplets can result from using the microwave.

For example, if you heat liquids, droplets form on top of the microwave. If you don’t clean the droplets, they may stain the microwave.

Lemon juice and vinegar

Lemon juice is a natural cleaning agent all around the household. You can clean most surfaces in the household with lemon juice extract with other mixes. One thing you can mix with lemon juice is vinegar. Lemon juice and vinegar mix can surely restore your microwave in no time.

1. Prepare a lemon juice mix inside a microwavable bowl. Fill the bowl with water first. Target about halfway of the bowl.

2. Squeeze in some lemon juice inside the bowl. Use as much as 6 tablespoons worth of lemon juice. Add about 3 tablespoons of vinegar afterward to the mix. Mix the solution properly. Don’t put a cover on the bowl.

3. Set the microwave into high power mode. Cook for about 3 minutes.

4. After the bell rings, leave the microwave for a while. Wait around for another 5 minutes to allow the steam to work.

5. Remove the bowl from the turntable tray. Wipe the insides of the microwave with a clean cloth.

TIP: If there are stubborn stains, use a toothbrush to pry the dirt away. Then wipe the surface again.

6. Remove the turntable tray and wash it in the sink. Remove the stains from the turntable tray as well. Use a sponge and liquid dishwashing soap for this.

TIP: Gently pry stubborn stains from the glass turntable tray with a toothbrush.

7. Wait for the microwave and the turntable tray to dry. Check for more stubborn stains and repeat steps as necessary.

Baking soda and vinegar

Another cleaning agent you can try is baking soda. Follow these steps on how to clean microwave with baking soda.

1. Prepare baking soda inside a microwavable bowl. Pour water into the bowl afterward and mix the solution. Don’t put a cover on the bowl and place it inside the microwave.

2. Set the microwave into high power mode. Cook for about 3 minutes.

3. Leave the microwave alone first for around 10 to 15 minutes. At this time, the steam will help in softening dirt and stains inside the microwave.

4. Take out the bowl and the turntable tray from the microwave. Empty the contents of the bowl into the drain. Wash the turntable tray with dishwashing soap and running water.

5. Take out a clean towel and dampen the cloth. Ensure that the towel is lint-free. Wipe the insides of the microwave properly. Do this to all parts inside, and don’t miss a corner or the microwave door.

TIP: For stubborn stains, take out a soft-bristled brush and scrub.

6. Wait for the microwave to dry completely before returning the turntable tray. Inspect the insides of the microwave for more stains.

7. Repeat the same steps if you are not satisfied with the result.


Before engaging in any food preparation or creation, keep your kitchen space clean first.

While you clean the kitchen counters, utensils, and tools, don’t forget the necessary appliances. In particular, take note of the microwave.

As much as possible, clean the microwave every time you use it. It’s better to remove small stains immediately.

There are many effective ways on how to clean microwave stains. Make it a habit to keep this appliance as ready-for-use as possible.

Find more useful guides and how to’s on, your everyday cleaning guide.

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