How To Clean Bath Toys After Poop (Incl. Helpful Tips)

How To Remove Mold From Plastic Toys

How To Clean Bath Toys After Poop (Incl. Helpful Tips)

Children always bring their toys with them – when they take a bath, eat, sleep, and the list goes on.

They even bring it with them when they do their dirty business.

Sometimes, accidental pooping may even take place.

As your kids take a bath, they could take a dump and contaminate their toys with their own discharge.

In this stinky situation, you need to take immediate action to prevent the spread of poop and germs.

Remember to stay calm and prioritize the safety and welfare of your kids.

And then, you can take care of cleaning and disinfecting the filthy bath toys and area.

To do this effectively, we’ve detailed in this article how to clean poop off baby toys.

Keep Your Cool

In case your child pooped while taking a bath, don’t take out your anger on him.

This will only make your toddler scared of bath after poop.

Instead, try to stay calm as much as possible so you can think of what to do.

Keeping your cool in this kind of situation will also prevent your toddler from being anxious whenever he takes a bath.

Take Your Little One Out Of The Tub

Now that you’re composed, it’s time to keep your child away from the accident area.

Place him in another tub or area where you can wash him.

Bathe your kid thoroughly to cleanse him of poop and dirt.

And then put your child in a safe place before attending to the contaminated bathtub.

Remove Bath Toys

Now that your child is clean and secure, you can now go back to the bathtub to clean it.

The first thing you need to do is get rid of anything that may have been contaminated.

This includes bath toys and toiletries.

Place these items somewhere for decontamination and disinfection.

We’ll discuss the steps on how to clean foam bath toys, squeaky, and plastic toys later.

Take Out The Poop And Clean The Tub

Use a disposable cup or utensil to collect as much poop as you can and then flush them down the toilet.

You may also empty the tub water first and get rid of the remaining fecal matter once you’ve drained the tub.

Next, wash the tub with a chlorine bleach solution to kill germs and bacteria.

Add ½ cup of bleach to a gallon of water and mix well.

Make sure that you use rubber gloves before soaking a sponge in the solution.

Finally, scrub the surface of your tub to eliminate remaining fecal matter.

How To Clean Contaminated Bath Toys

We now move on to the next portion of cleaning up after poop – cleaning and sanitizing bath toys.

Follow the steps below to effectively remove any poop residues on your children’s toys.

How to sanitize bath toys:

  1. Rinse the toys in running water. This step will expel soap, poop, and other remaining impurities on the surface of the toys.
  2. After which, create the same chlorine bleach solution made of ½ cup of bleach and 1 gallon of water.
  3. Drop the toys in the bleach solution and let them sit there for 10-15 minutes.
  4. After the soaking time, you can now rub the toys with a sponge or nylon brush. Ensure that you reach every corner and surface of the toys.
  5. Let the solution penetrate the hollow spaces of squeaky toys and shake vigorously. This process will clean the inside of the bath toys.
  6. Lastly, rinse the toys thoroughly.
  7. Allow the water to drain and let the toys dry completely.

How To Get Rid Of Molds Inside Toys

Besides poop-contaminated toys, moldy toys are another common problem parents have to deal with.

Mold grows because of the moisture and warmth in the environment where you store the toys.

As a result, mold thrives and causes health complications to your children.

On the top of the list are asthma, breathing complications, and allergies.

Here’s a guide on how to clean bath toys with mold inside.

  1. Create a chlorine bleach or white vinegar solution. If you choose the latter, the ratio of vinegar and water is 1:1.
  2. Before soaking a toy in the solution, squeeze it first and then release it underwater. This process will force the water into the toy.
  3. Leave the toys there for an hour (if you use vinegar) or 10 minutes (for bleach solution).
  4. Take a toy out and shake well while there is still vinegar or bleach solution inside.
  5. Empty the solution and rinse with clean water.
  6. Let the toy drain and dry out thoroughly before storing.

Children and toys are inseparable.

You probably know this since you see your kids bring them wherever they go and whatever they do.

So, as parents, it’s your duty to make sure that your children’s toys are clean and germ-free.

By deep-cleaning your kids’ toys at least once a week, you can prevent mold and bacterial growth.

Consequently, you will also ensure that your kids are healthy and free from harmful diseases.

Find more useful guides and how to’s on, your everyday cleaning guide.

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