Cleaning Bath Toys With Clorox Bleach (Helpful Tips!)

Cleaning Bath Toys With Clorox Bleach

Cleaning Bath Toys With Clorox Bleach (Helpful Tips!)

There is a study done by ABC News that looked into the bath toys of children sent in by parents.

It was discovered that 100% of them have bacteria residing, along with mold.

There are also various traces of some fecal matter.

The study included the testing on bath toys that are composed of plastic, rubber, and foam.

It was found that the rubber ones are the dirtiest as well as the germiest of all.

Given that, experts have recommended that the bath toys are cleaned weekly.

This should also be done more if someone at home is sick.

Fortunately, there is a way to clean them.

You do not need, therefore, to chuck out toys that have spots.

There are ways how to clean bath toys with mold inside.

Furthermore, there are methods on how to clean bath toys without vinegar.

These methods can come in handy when sanitizing toys daycare.

Moreover, these methods can be done by cleaning bath toys with Clorox bleach.

How to Bleach Toys with Clorox

First, you must wear goggles, plastic gloves, and goggles first.

They are necessary for when you are working with bleach.

To disinfect the toys, simply add one-half cup of Clorox per gallon of water in the tub.

This is the bleach to water ratio for cleaning toys.

Then, soak the toys for about ten minutes.

You can include your bath mats, rinsing cups, toy baskets, and more.

Then, turn on the exhaust fan in the bathroom and then have the windows opened.

Leave the door open as well.

The bleach solution may irritate the nose and the throat.

Hence, it is best to leave the area first.

The bath toys which have holes should be filled with Clorox water as well.

This will make sure that the mold inside bath toys is eradicated as well.

With this, cleaning bath toys with Clorox bleach is made easy!

How to Clean Bath Toys with Vinegar

Bleach is not the only solution out there.

Vinegar is taken to be a natural cleaner as well as a disinfectant.

Hence, it is a great alternative to Clorox.

Simply mix one gallon of water with one-half cup of water.

Then, have the toys soaked for approximately one hour.

Once the hour is up, scrub the mold loose and leave them to dry.

Rinse the toys more if the vinegar smell does not waver before placing them back.

Other Ways To Clean Bath Toys

There are various other ways to have the bath toys cleaned off.

All you have to do is pick one. As such, follow the following tips;

Plug the Holes

If you find it troublesome to learn how to clean bath toys, just plug them.

Bath toys that commonly squirt or squeak usually have holes in them at the bottom.

These holes are a target for entry by water as well as mold growth.

As such, simply put some hot glue on the toys to seal them.

Then, put them in the bath and test if water can still seep through.

Boil Bath Toys and Sanitize

It is best to make sure that your child is safe by means of boiling the toys.

Simply submerge them in hot water.

Then, squeeze out any dirt from them by using some tongs.

Have them cool off and dried thoroughly.

Use the Dishwasher

Sometimes, all you need to do is to stick the bath toys into the dishwasher.

This way, the bath toys can be sanitized by killing off gunk and mold.

It does this both inside and out too.

While it seems to be quite a simple method, it does get the job done.

Simply squeeze water out of the bath before you wash them.

This will allow the dishwasher to get access to the inside.

Make Use of Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes in the bathroom are necessary.

This is to ensure that you have a cleaning assistant for routine disinfecting maintenance.

After you use the toys during bath time, just squeeze out the water.

Then, wipe down the outside of the bath toy and rinse them.

Prevent Mold In Bath Toys

Prevention is better than cure.

Hence, they should be prevented from forming before you let your child play with the toys.

Simply create a food and healthy environment for the storage of the bath toys.

You can invest in a rack or a tray.

This will allow the draining of the water from the bath toys.

Moreover, you can leave them close to an open window so it can have appropriate ventilation.

You can also fans as well as vents to let out the remaining steam for the bath.

If the method does not get rid of the gunk or the mold, throw it out.

You do not need a toy that will harm your child.

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